Reddit Bitcoin Investing Strategy

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

Bitcoin was presented by Satoshi Nakamoto at the beginning of 2009. Four years later, Bitcoin grew a lot and reached 300 Dollar. It then continued to rally to 800 Dollar.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

Bitcoin reached the top at around 1000 Dollar and then crashed to 300 Dollar. Investors have become scared to invest in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is hard to find a good Bitcoin investing strategy for 2020. That’s why we analyzed Bitcoin and developed a successful investing strategy for you.

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  1. Best Bitcoin Investing Strategy for 2020
  2. The reason for the Bitcoin crash
  3. Why did Bitcoin jumped and crashed the whole time?
  4. When does the next bubble burst?
  5. What are the trends for Bitcoin in 2020?
  6. Our successful Bitcoin investment strategy for 2020

Best Bitcoin Investing Strategy for 2020

So a lot of investors have stopped investing in crypto because they think it is a fraud.

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But they just invested in something that they have no clue about. And of course, it is not a scam.

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It is actually the opposite, it is an opportunity that just started. But before I can tell you the best Bitcoin investing strategy for 2020, first, we have to analyze what happened.

The reason for the Bitcoin crash

The Bitcoin crash wasn´t a big surprise.

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They blame scams and regulations for the big drop. They might have an effect, but that is not the main reason.
Many smart investors and crypto experts predicted the drop. They made a lot of money and left the sinking ship. But the majority of the people that invested in crypto lost most of their portfolio value.

7 years after the introduction of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the value of a coin crossed the 1.000 Dollar line for the first time.

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It then rallied to around 3.000 Dollar and dropped to 1.900 Dollar. After that, it continued his upward trend to 4.500 Dollar and, after that, dropped to 3.700 Dollar in a short amount of time.

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Shortly after Bitcoin skyrocket to around 20.000 Dollar. Then it crashed and a long-term downtrend followed. So Bitcoin crashes were not something new.

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It was a simple repeat of the market.

Why did Bitcoin jumped and crashed the whole time?

So Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies grew mostly because many uninformed people tried their luck with the purchase of cryptos.

Obviously, they are the once the lose the most when the bubble burst. It took Bitcoin 7 years to gather enough excited people to create the first crypto bubble.

When does the next bubble burst?

Bitcoins downtrend continued the past year.

For now, it is holding quite well.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

So it looks like the hope of making big profits and getting rich fast is rising again. As a result, the next bubble will grow.

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But this time Bitcoin might reach 200.000 Dollars. This sounds not realistic.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

But if you compare it to the dot-com bubble with 9,5 trillion dollar value, the 800 billion crypto market is still quite small. Thus, Bitcoin has the power to skyrocket in the future.

What are the trends for Bitcoin in 2020?

The analysis has already shown, the cryptocurrency market and investors have suffered a lot in the past year.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

But a lot of Bitcoin believers like John McAfee, Sonny Singh, Tom Lee, Fran Strajnar and many more still believe that Bitcoin will skyrocket in the next few years.

Also, Bitcoin is the first and well-known cryptocurrency. Therefore it has a huge amount of integrity and people still believe in it. As a result, Bitcoin has the chance to survive most of the crypto coins.

But many people have lost huge amounts of money.

As a result, there is a lot of frustration.

Best Bitcoin Investing Strategy for 2020! (Successful)

Because of that, the trading volume dropped significantly.

This sounds negative, but it is actually good for us. Because of the low trading volume, the price volatility will below. So it is easier to realize when the cryptocurrency market bottomed and therefore we can much easier apply our bitcoin investment strategy.

Our successful Bitcoin investment strategy for 20120/h2>

Over the past years, Bitcoin gained and lost a lot of value.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

At the moment there is a downward trend. A lot of investors have turned their backs because of frustration.

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But that is your chance to buy Bitcoin at a low price.

Following the analysis and the predictions, we expect an uptrend again in around 1-2 years. In 3-4 years it might reach his high point and crash again. So Bitcoin still has the potential to reach 400.000 dollars per coin.

So be patient and wait until the downward trend ended. You don’t need to find the perfect time to invest.

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That is nearly impossible to do. You just need to find the timing to invest safely in Bitcoin.

The future for Bitcoin seems to be positive.

Reddit bitcoin investing strategy

Therefore, we advise you to wait to invest until next year. Then buy small amounts and wait to see if the market stabilizes.

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If that’s the case, invest in larger quantities.

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