Watermark Global Fund Ipo

Watermark global fund ipo

Hearts and Minds Investments Limited, Corporate Advisor

Seed Partnerships worked with Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) to raise $500m for its IPO, the maximum raise for this issue.

Seed Partnerships was responsible for managing the Offer including appointing and co-ordinating the Brokers to the Offer, assisting in engaging Service Providers, assisting in the organisation of the investor roadshow and with marketing and communication plans.

Wise-owl Research - Watermark Global Leaders Fund, ASX Code: WGF

Seed Partnerships has also agreed to assist with the post Offer marketing, distribution, communication and management of the Company. Seed Partnerships is providing all these services on a pro bono basis.

HM1 has been established with the combined objectives of providing a concentrated global equities portfolio of the highest conviction ideas from leading Australian fund managers, while also supporting Australian medical research institutes.

Watermark global fund ipo

The Company will forego any investment fees and instead will apply a Donation Amount to the Designated Charities every six months. The Donation Amount will be equal to 1.5% (plus GST) per annum of the average monthly NTA for the previous half-year. In addition to the Donation Amount, the Company, Fund Managers and a number of the key Service Providers will forgo fees they would normally charge in relation to services provided to the Company.

For more information on HM1, please visit http://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au/

Watermark global fund ipo