Best App For Cryptocurrency Iphone

Best app for cryptocurrency iphone

Best app for cryptocurrency iphone

Cryptocurrencies were invented as a digital asset, that can be securely exchanged anonymously. Cryptography is used heavily to encrypt the information and make the transactions anonymous. Starting back in 2009, with the advent of Bitcoins, it has taken some time to garner popularity. But now at the end of 2017, it has spread like wildfire with a vast population of people involved in trading cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Thus, you must know about the best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and also out there.

The rise in popularity has also caused an expansion of the amount of information associated with cryptocurrencies and their trade.

Best app for cryptocurrency iphone

Hence it is essential that all this information can be available in one place like a Mobile Application- Cryptocurrency apps.

With a plethora of cryptocurrency apps for iPhone platform now available and the majority of them being free, it is highly confusing to choose the best apps.

While some of the apps only give market news and analysis, some of the apps also allow you to buy and sell the currency and maintain/manage your personal accounts.


List of Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone

In this article, we look at the top trending cryptocurrency apps for iPhone to shortlist and offer a small description of the 5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone. You might also like cryptocurrency apps for android if you’re a Android platform lover.


This is truly an all in one app and hence features at the top of our Best Cryptocurrency apps for iPhone list.

List of 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps/ Wallet for iPhone and Android

Supporting currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more, CoinBase app allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

With the help of features like Price List, Historical trends and other market analysis options, you can use this app as a one-stop destination to make informed decisions and engage in crypto trading. One of the outstanding features of CoinBase is that it allows you to receive alarms or notifications when the price of a currency reaches a certain point, which you have set.

This is an extremely useful feature when traders are holding out for a particular price before buying or selling.

The app also ensures very high security and a nice overall experience with more than 10 languages supported like English, German, Chinese, French, etc., a clean UI and simple functioning.

Download CoinBase here

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Coin Ticker

Like stock traders or investment bankers, serious crypto traders will always want to be on top of the market with the latest news, price updates and analysis.

An app that will help such serious crypto traders immensely is CoinTicker. The sheer amount of information available from this app makes it highly placed on our list of Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone.

Along with newsfeed and constant pricing updates of several cryptocurrencies, this app gives you the trading volume, bids and asks made, the historical performance high/low of each currency and also helps you maintain a portfolio.

A handy feature of Coin Ticker is a portfolio management tool that will convert all the cryptocurrencies that you own into the national currency (or currency of your choice) for easy analysis of currency performance.

Normally this task requires you to convert each currency thus making it time-consuming manually.

Although this app will not let you buy or sell cryptocurrencies. But this is definitely one of the best apps to keep a check on the cryptocurrency market and your performance in it.

Download CoinTicker here

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CryptoTrader by Zerion

Very highly rated amongst the cryptocurrency apps for iPhone is the CryptoTrader app developed by Zerion.

The best cryptocurrency apps for Android and iOS

The app provides you with real-time price inflexions, with in-depth analysis of current trends of the currencies.

The app uses market indicators like EMA and MACD to give a comprehensive investment advice. Numerous cryptocurrencies are supported like Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, EOS, EOTA, Ripple, etc.

The developers also have a cryptochain, Zerion.

The Zerion accounts have also been integrated into the Crypto Trader platform since the new update on December 12, 2017. The update (v 3.0.2) also features price alerts that you can customize for each currency.


Not to mention, a daily summary of the price updates.

Also, the app design that allows greater flexibility of using in different size phones (keeping mind the iPhone X size) The app remains a free app compatible in iOS 9.0 and higher.

Download CryptoTrader here

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Blockfolio Bitcoin/Altcoin App

One of the most highly rated cryptocurrency portfolio management apps is Blockfolio.

This app supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies like like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tzos, Dash, Ripple etc.

Also, it provides regular news feed, price updates and detailed analysis like Charts and graphs about each one of them.

Best app for cryptocurrency iphone

The app is free to use and requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Download Blockfolio here

Crypto Pro

Supporting the Apple Watch definitely makes it one of the most useful and best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone. Apart from this feature, Crypto Pro make an overall well-rounded app. Crypto Pro supports over 1000 digital currencies.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android & iOS

It also helps by providing regular news and price updates.

The built-in calculator lets you convert the cryptocurrencies into the money currency of your choice. Also, Crypto Pro supports multiple exchange platforms like Gemini, Coinbase, Bitsquare.

The list contains both a mixture of the trading apps, news and update apps and portfolio management apps.


Depending upon your requirement, choose one of the above and enjoy your cryptocurrency app experience.

Download Crypto Pro here

Coin Stats

Coin Stats is of the most efficient cryptocurrency app to use.

It allows you to compare over 30 different currencies, with the feature to set price alerts for over 20+ exchanges.

Option alpha auto trading

It gives you quick overview about the entire market and also about the ups and downs in the currency values.

You can entirely trust Coin Stats for investing into the market. It is also available in a number of different languages to choose from.

Download Coin Stats here


Blockfolio is considered to be one of the most efficient apps of all time.

It has features that provides very accurate investment details.

8 Best Free Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone

It provides information in the form of charts and graphs which makes it very easy to analyse information.

The app also provides latest cryptocurrency trends and news which lets you keep an eye on the market and plan your strategies.

Download Blockfolio here


CoinCap is one such app that lets you surf through the currency market very efficiently.

The app makes sure that its users have real time access to all the market data. It keeps you updated about your current holdings and makes sure that you do not miss any market updates.

Download CoinCap here


This article contains a perfect mixture of all kinds of cryptocurrency apps for iphone which will help you plan your strategies wisely and get good returns.

Best app for cryptocurrency iphone

It contains a wide range of variety which is going to help each one of you to choose the perfect one based on your personal choices and needs.

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  • A large number of options are available for deposit and withdrawal.
  • The bitcoin deposit is insured.
  • It provides online wallet facilities.


  • Coinbase accounts do not offer privacy over your identity.


  • High speed transactions.
  • Currency can be used to pay for business exchange services.


  • Limited exchange options available.


  • It operates as a web-based solution, hence requires no installation.
  • Large range of unique tools available.


  • One cannot trade for 24 hrs a day.


  • The application accepts many different global currencies and supports over 2500 different cryptocurrencies.
  • It provides essential details in the form of charts which makes things easy to understand.


  • It sells user generated trading data.


  • Safe to get started.
  • Good team of developers, strong platform, long term commitment.


  • User generated data is exported.


  • Very reliable.
  • It comes with a black theme which lets you use this app even at night.


  • Its interface is well organised and very user friendly.
  • It provides good customer service


  • It does not support some of the currencies.


  • You can create your personal altfolio to sync your data.
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