Best Directv Reconnect Options

Best directv reconnect options

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If you have DirecTV and you’re looking for an alternative then you’ve come to the right place.

Many customers start with DirecTV and then because of the jump in price after the first year or bad signal in their area might have a better experience elsewhere.

Best directv reconnect options

We’ve broken down a few of the best alternatives below with everything from live TV streaming services such as DirecTV Now and Sling TV to cable providers and more. This list will keep updating as we find other alternatives and competitors.

DirecTV Now

If you’re simply wanting to ditch DirecTV for a cable/satellite alternative then you may want to check our DirecTV Now.

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DirecTV Now is DirecTV’s cable alternative where you can still stream all of your favorite shows with just an internet connection.

They have all of the major networks including ABC, Fox, ESPN, HGTV and dozens of other channels depending on the package you choose. You will receive a 7-day free trial to check out their service with plans starting as low as $35 per month.

Best directv reconnect options

Use the link below to find any deals available.
Website: or DirecTV Now Promo Codes

Sling TV

Sling TV is similar to DirecTV as you can stream all of your favorite shows and channels with just an internet connection.

You can get live channels on Sling TV including CNN, Fox, ABC, ESPN, HGTV, Disney Channel and dozens more. Their plans start at just $20 per month and they also offer a free trial. You can find more information about Sling TV packages, channels, and prices by following the link below to their website.
Website: or Sling TV Promo Codes

Indoor TV Antenna

An antenna will help you gain a few of your basic channels without having to pay for anything other than an antenna to stick on your wall or near your closest window.

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You can use a free website like AntennaWeb to see what channels are available in your zip code. This may not be entirely accurate, but it will give you some idea of what channels you can receive with an antenna.

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We’ve linked the best TV antenna’s as reviewed by Amazon below, but you can also check out the best TV antennas as reviewed by TheWireCutter. The indoor TV antennas range in price from $20 to $50.
Website: Best TV Antennas at Amazon

Your Local Cable Provider (Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, etc)

The cable provider in your area may have deals available when you bundle your existing internet or sign up for a new plan.

Best directv reconnect options

A lot of cable providers, such as Comcast, now have what is called a skinny bundle. This is for those who may just need a few channels and don’t want the expenses of having 300 channels you don’t watch.

Best directv reconnect options

You’ll still have to watch for a price increase after the first or second year, but you can save some money in the meantime and get all of the channels you need. You can follow the link below to compare all of the options from your local provider. The quick quote is free and only takes a couple minutes to find some of the lowest prices available.
Link: Compare Cable, Internet, and More

Leave all of your comments and questions below.

We will do our best to help you find an alternative to DirecTV or help you find deals for existing users at DirecTV.