Best Option For Photo Printing From Icoud

Best option for photo printing from icoud


Printers For Screen Printing Transparencies Reviews


Best option for photo printing from icoud

CANON PIXMA Ix6820 Wireless Business Printer Review | Best Printer Screen Printing On A Budget

The CANON PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Business Printer is an affordable but highly rated printer for people on a budget. It caters to offices looking to print quality mailers, spreadsheets, and presentation charts. It generates detailed printouts with a maximum color dpi of 9,600 x 2,400, while the black and white printouts have a dpi of 600 x 600.

The number of nozzles stands at 4,906 for color and 1,024 for black, totaling 5,120.

Best option for photo printing from icoud

One good thing about these printouts is that they are generated with 5 ink cartridges, requiring replacement only for the color that runs out. The black ink cartridge is long-lasting and will not require you to buy a replacement cartridge any time soon.

This screen printer is a good fit for printing tabloids or larger-sized super tabloid paper sizes. The device can print anything as wide as 13 x 19" to 4 x 6".

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 For the latter size, it is able to print within 36 seconds.

The product offers downloadable solution templates that are available in multiple color combinations, so users don’t need to produce all their documents from scratch.

Users can download exclusive creative projects and content via access to Creative Premium Park.

My Image Garden is another useful feature, allowing users to bring all their most used options, such as Full HD Movie Print, into a single application.

Both wired and wireless options are available: print commands are sent via Android and Apple devices through Canon's app.

Best option for photo printing from icoud

Hence, Air Print, Google Cloud Print, and PIXMA Printing Solutions (PPS) are available with the CANON PIXMA iX6820.

Highlighted Features

1. Color dpi of 9,600 x 2,400


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Black and white printouts have a dpi of 600 x 600

3. Comes with 5 ink cartridges

4. Need to replace only the particular color that runs out


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Comes with downloadable solution templates

6. Can hold 150 sheets at a time

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