Best Option Simce Craigslist Hookups Is Gone

Best option simce craigslist hookups is gone

I never imagined I would do it with a man so much younger than me!

Erotic Services is long gone and has been replaced by a new and improved " …

He's only 19! I'm 7 years older than him! The only advantage I have is that white people generally can't tell how old we (Asians) are, haha.

I don't find guys that age attractive, generally. If they are handsome, I can objectively acknowledge their good looks, but the chemistry just isn't there to send butterflies to my crotch.

We started chatting online.

No Erotic Services? No problem for prostitutes on craigslist

He was cute, and I agreed to blow job and sex because he had tried neither and was a virgin. I was a bit intrigued and wondered how it would feel to finally be the "experienced" one in a sexual context.

On the day of, he changed his mind and said he wanted blow job only, because he wasn't sure if he wanted to save his virginity for someone special. I fully understood, but still felt, dang, not hot enough to make him want to bang me.

Then we finally met.

Oh my God!

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He looks younger than in picture. He is just so young lol He looked like a baby with a beard! I felt like such a cougar. We sat on the bed and talked for a good while, before I demanded the lights be turned off and that he closed his eyes.

Best option simce craigslist hookups is gone

I told him he wasn't allowed to look at me (I felt too shy), then I made out with him.

I gave him his first blow job ever. He said it felt good, then he totally changed his mind again and said he wanted sex.

Where do woman post casual encounter ads with Craigslist and back page gone?

So I assumed I was doing well lol. Then I told him he'd have to touch me a little to get me ready if he wanted sex.

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Everything was new to him! I had to guide him on how to touch my boobs, how to kiss my neck. He actually went "smack, smack, smack" on my neck. I laughed and told him to stop, then I showed him how to kiss slowly and sensually by kissing his neck.

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The only thing I actually didn't know how to teach him was missionary sex. He seemed to have trouble thrusting in that position, and I didn't know how either 'cause I don't ever do that lol.

But he managed doggie style pretty good, and I came (touched my own clit while he went consistent and deep in doggie). I actually really liked the penetration.

Best option simce craigslist hookups is gone

Then I rode him. We disposed of the condom and I blew him again. Eventually he had to jerk off into my mouth.

I think it was quite good. I didn't really expect to be able to make him cum 'cause he was a virgin...I just imagined he is used to making himself cum.

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I don't know how to do that for him. I hope he had a good time. I was actually nervous about taking his virginity because I didn't want to do something wrong and turn him off from sex.

Who knows. Maybe he thought it was terrible.

Best option simce craigslist hookups is gone

We did cuddle and talk for a bit after.

Men, have you ever had similar experience? I would like to hear the other side of the story, from the inexperienced party's perspective.

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EDIT: So many cool stories😋😋. I don't classify as a cougar yet.

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But since I took his virginity I wonder if he'd remember me ten years later😊😊, the way some of you remember the older lady fondly.