Can I Use My Forex Currency

Can i use my forex currency

Can i use my forex currency


What Is A Forex Card?
A Forex card is a prepaid card that you can use for paying hotel bills, shopping and other transactions when you travel overseas.

These are preloaded and take care of your foreign currency requirements. You can use the card to withdraw cash in foreign currency, make payments while shopping, and for checking your balance.

How to make money on the Forex market?

The foreign exchange card offered by IndusInd bank can be reloaded from any part of the globe, thus, giving you a cashless travel experience. This Forex card not only lets you make hassle-free transactions overseas, but it also keeps you safe from any fluctuation in exchange rates. Moreover, you will be instantly notified regarding all your transactions via emails or text messages.

Forex cards can be single currency or multi-currency.

Can i use my forex currency

With a single currency card, you can withdraw or carry out transaction only in single foreign currency. While a multi-currency card is available with multiple currencies.

Can i use my forex currency

This is particularly useful for those who visit multiple countries.

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