Sbi Forex Rates History

Sbi forex rates history

Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions below describe the terms and conditions that apply to and govern the use of Online Sign Up process (the “Website”) using the Online Application Form and Services (as defined below). Do not use or access the Website or Services if You do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The e-Remit Online application service is provided online only in Australia by State Bank of India (“SBIS”), Sydney Branch (“The Bank”).

The Bank has its branch office located at Level 31, Australia Square 264 George Street Sydney NSW 2000.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

The access and use of the Website means that you have read and agreed to accept the Terms and Conditions, which together with our Privacy Policy govern Your relationship with us for the use of the Website and Services.

SBI Sydney may in its sole discretion modify, alter, add to or delete the Terms and Conditions

Please note that by clicking on the check box “ I accept SBI Terms & Conditions it will be deemed that You have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and that You agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.

The following capitalised terms have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

Agreement means the agreement between you and the Bank for the e- Remit facility which is comprised of the Application Form and these Terms and Conditions as varied from time to time.

Account means the e-Remit account you hold with the Bank.

Applicant means any person who wishes to use the e-Remit facility and who has applied for the same.

Bank or weourours or us means State Bank of India, Sydney ARBN 082 610 008, a foreign branch authorised to carry on banking business in Australia under subsection 9(3) of Banking Act 1959.

Business Day means a day other than a Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday or bank holiday at the place where an act is to be done or may be done.

Customer or youyour or yours means the customer who completed the e-Remit

Application, the customer’s executors, administrators, and permitted assigns and agent appointed by the customer from time to time.

e-Remit is a web-based portal where Customers can apply for electronic international funds transfer by using the payment mechanisms listed in paragraph E below.:

e-Remit Application means the e-Remit Application which you complete on-line to enter into this Agreement.

Proscribed Person means a person who appears to us either:

(a) to be a proscribed person or entity under the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 (Cth);
(b) to be in breach of the laws of any jurisdiction relating to money laundering or counter-terrorism;
(c) to appear in a list of people with whom dealings are proscribed by the government or a regulatory authority of any jurisdiction; or
(d) to act on behalf, or for the benefit of, a person listed in subclauses (a) – (c).

SBIS means State Bank of India Sydney

Security Identification means all log-on identity, passwords, key encryption numbers and any other security tokens or devises used from time to time to access e-Remit and effect transactions through the e-Remit service.

"Services" means the e-Remit services.

Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions and other terms and conditions contained elsewhere on the Website from time to time relating to the e-Remit service and International Money Transfers.

User means a person who has the authority to log into e-Remit.

Vendor means any person, other than the Bank, who displays content or offers any Facility on the Website.

Website means the website presently maintained by State Bank of India, Sydney at which hosts the e-Remit service and includes the pages of the Website and any applets, software and content contained in the Website.

"INR" means Indian Rupees. 
"AUD" means Australian Dollar.
“USD” means US Dollar
“EUR” means Euro
“GBP” means Great British Pound
“CAD” means Canadian Dollar
“NZD” means New Zealand Dollar

The words "we", "us" "our" shall be references to State Bank of India, Sydney Branch.


To access and use the Website and e-Remit facility you must be an individual of at-least 18 years of age who can enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law or a corporation, trust, association of persons or firm which can enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law.

In case of a corporation, trust, association of persons or a firm, you must be authorised to agree to the Terms and Conditions and to access, use and avail of the Website and the e- Remit facility.

If You do not qualify, please do not access or use the Website or the e-Remit facility.


Only Australian Residents are expected to use the e-Remit facility to remit money in AUD outside Australia only to the extent the domestic laws of Australia and such other Beneficiary countries permit them to make electronic money transfers.



  1. They also agree to indemnify and to pay to the Bank on demand and amount equal to any loss, third party claims, or liability incurred (including reasonable legal costs) or may be incurred by the Bank as a result of the person accessing the e-Remit facility in breach of applicable laws.

    except to the extent that the loss or damage is caused by our act or omission in breach of this Agreement or by our (or our officers, employees, contractors or agents') negligence, fraud or wilful default.CONDUCT OF USERS

You agree -

  1. to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about Yourself as prompted by the registration form on the Website, and
  2. to promptly inform us of any changes in this information.

You shall indemnify and pay to the Bank any amount equal to any losses, costs and expenses ( including reasonable legal costs )caused to the Bank due to any information provided by You to the Bank being untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete in any material respect, and the Bank shall not be responsible for any losses sustained by You due to this except to the extent that the loss or damage is caused by our act or omission in breach of this Agreement or by our (or our officers, employees, contractors or agents' ) negligence, fraud or wilful default.


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If any information provided by You is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, in any material respect the Bank has the right to terminate your registration immediately and to refuse You access to or use of the Website or the e-Remit facility.

All activities under the Service shall be deemed as activities carried out by the registered user. You shall only use the Service to transact on your own account and not on behalf of any other person or entity.

We are required by law to carry out all necessary security and customer due diligence checks on you (including any parties involved in your transaction for example, your recipient) to provide any Services to you.

You agree to comply with any request from us for further information and provide such information in a format acceptable to us. In addition, you agree that we may make, directly or through any third party, any inquiries we consider necessary to validate the information you provided to us, including checking commercial databases or credit reports.

You authorise us to obtain one or more of your credit reports, from time to time, to establish, update, or renew your e-Remit Account with us or in the event of a dispute relating to this Agreement and activity under your Account.

To avoid any breaches or threats related to cyber security, we expect you to

a. Change your password regularly and ensure that it isn’t reused across other online accounts.

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Contact us if anyone asks for your unique user name or password
c. Keep your email and mobile number secure and let us know immediately if the same has been compromised.
d. You must not disclose your password or your user ID to anyone.
e. You should not use any software, widget or other applications to use, enter, process, lodge or perform any operation of material nature.

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Do not store the User-IDs or passwords when using Internet explorer browsers
g. Check account and transaction history details regularly

Update the Bank when there is a change in contact particulars


You acknowledge that you have been provided with copies of the following documents in accordance with, to the extent applicable, the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001

(i) Our Product Disclosure Statement ("PDS").
(ii) Our Financial Services Guide ("FSG").
(iii) Our Website Use Agreement.
(iv) Our Privacy Statement.

You are responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programmes and platform to access our Services.

You should use your own virus protection software.

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We cannot guarantee that our Services will be free from bugs or virus.

You must not misuse our Services by introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other materials which are malicious or technologically harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to our Website, our servers, computers or databases.

You must not attack our Website with any type of denial of service attack. We will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities, and we will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing your identity to them.

In the event of such a breach, your right to use our Website and/or our Services will cease immediately.


Only limited access to the Website is available to non-registered Visitors. Non-registered Visitors may not be permitted to avail of the e-Remit facility.

To obtain increased access to the Website and to avail of the e-Remit Facility You are required to register on the Website as a Registered User.

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The Registered User hereby acknowledges and agrees that he/she shall not register multiple times under the same or different names or in the name of another party without their authorisation on the Website for availing the facility. Registered User with more than one registration may be denied the facility and his/her registration may be terminated at the sole discretion of the Bank.

We collect your personal information to provide our products and services and to, satisfy our regulatory obligations under the AML/CTF legislation

We will use g third party services to verify, validate and confirm your identity and therefore You undertake that you will not knowingly do anything to put us in breach of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, rules and other subordinate instruments (AML/CTF Laws).

You undertake to notify us if you become aware of anything that would put us in breach of AML/CTF Laws.

Historical Exchange Rate

If requested, you undertake to provide additional information and assistance and comply with all reasonable requests to facilitate our compliance with AML/CTF Laws in Australia or an equivalent overseas jurisdiction. We may provide your personal information to our intermediary bankers and to any government regulatory bodies that normally require it or may request it. We may also provide your information to any partners, agents or intermediaries who are a necessary part of the provision of our products and services.

You acknowledge and agree that we use international intermediaries to process transactions on your behalf and that your personal information may be sent to those overseas intermediaries to complete the transaction.
You undertake that you are not aware and have no reason to suspect that the money you are transferring is derived from or related to money laundering, terrorism financing or similar activities (Illegal Activities); and the money you are transferring will be used to finance, or in connection with Money Laundering or Terrorism financing.


Any scheme for awarding or securing Promo codes or other rewards or prizes (by whatever name called) is available only to persons who are eligible for the same under the rules of the concerned scheme and the applicable laws of Australia and other concerned jurisdictions.

You are therefore required to verify that You are eligible before participating in any such scheme. The Bank is not responsible or liable for the performance, quality or any other aspect of any rewards, prizes or items manufactured or supplied by third parties against any redemption of the points or otherwise pursuant to such scheme, and Your recourse for the same will be only against the persons who have manufactured or supplied the same.

Eligibility of loyalty points, awarded as per the applicable policies, is exclusive. This cannot be clubbed with any existing offer, unless otherwise specified explicitly.

Redemption of loyalty points for free transactions are subject to special conditions which may vary on the mode of remittance other factors, if any.

You agree that we may use Personal information provided by You to conduct KYC and appropriate anti-fraud checks using the data available with credit reference agencies and other institutions. Personal Information that you provide may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information.

From time to time, the Bank may run special offers and promotions at its sole discretion.

Consumers can avail of the same subject to any applicable Terms and Conditions including the following:

Scope: The Bank will decide on the geographies and/or currencies for which the offer is valid.

Tenure: The tenure of the offer would be for a limited period and the same would be at the sole discretion of SBI

Multiple Offers: If, at any point of time, there is more than one offer running at a time, only one can be availed of.

Additional Terms: Some offers may include additional terms specific to the offer.

The same would be available in the Additional Terms section.

Prizes hereunder are not transferable. In no event, the prizes can be exchanged for their value in cash.

If the prize/gift(s) remain unclaimed or the winner has not confirmed their shipping address for a period of 30 days after the announcement of the results, the prize/gift(s) shall stand cancelled and forfeited and thereafter the winners shall not be eligible to claim the prize/gift(s).

The conditions stated in these Terms and Conditions are in addition to the other terms and conditions stated elsewhere in the Website.

And without prejudice to the above, these Terms and Conditions are in addition to the terms, conditions, procedures and agreements applicable in respect of each Facility which are stated at the appropriate places in respect of each Facility or in the agreements to be entered between the Bank and You / the concerned parties in respect of each Facility.


e-Remit is a web-based portal where Customers can apply for electronic international funds transfer by using the below listed payment methods:

POLi™ Service - A payment service offered by Australia Post a trademark registered in Australia POLi Payments Pty Ltd ABN 73 105 393 664.

State Bank Of India Money Transfer Service To India

Whenever, PoLi payment option is used then you are governed by the terms and conditions of PoLi as well. The link for T&C is

B-Pay® a trademark registered by BPAY Pty Ltd in Australia – For more information on BPAY, please visit

Ensuring sufficient funds are in your bank account

When using these payment methods, You acknowledge and agree that You are responsible at all times for ensuring that sufficient funds are in your nominated bank account to cover the international funds transfer you have instructed the Bank to make together with the Bank's fees.

Once you have given the Bank instructions and the Bank has acted on these instructions in good faith, the Bank will incur a loss if you then reverse or cancel any payment made to your nominated bank to cover these amounts or if for whatever reason there are insufficient funds in you nominated bank account.

In this case, you will be in breach of this Agreement and the Bank will be entitled to recover the loss from you including by taking enforcement proceedings against you after it has given you 14 days' notice to rectify the breach.


This Agreement will commence on the day that we accept the e-Remit Application or as otherwise agreed and shall continue in force and duration until terminated.

The Bank may accept e-Remit Applications in its absolute discretion.

The submission of an e-Remit Application does not automatically imply the acceptance of the application. Please note that the e Remit application amount and the amount transferred to SBIS’ account should be the same.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, we will provide you with access to e-Remit for the term of the Agreement.


You must not:

(a) transfer, sub-license or otherwise dispose of your rights to e-Remit without our written consent; or
(b) disclose, display or otherwise make e-Remit available to any other person (other than Users) without our consent.
(c) send funds to SBIS from a third-party bank account.


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a bank account that does not belong to you).


You authorise us to deduct the applicable fees as outlined in the fees and charges schedule set in the document, from the AUD amount transferred by you to SBI Sydney.


Software and operating systems

The Bank may change, vary or upgrade its software, hardware or operating systems from time to time and is not responsible for supporting the software, hardware or operating systems of the Customer.

Minimum browser requirements

The Customer must ensure that the Customer meets the minimum browser requirements for e-Remit as This site uses highly secure 1024-Bit SSL encryption certified by Verisign and Site best viewed in Internet Explorer 10 and above, Google Chrome latest version, and Safari latest version.

These are intended as a guide only and, as network requirements may vary, you should consult your IT service provider.

Security procedures

You must ensure that adequate security procedures are taken to prevent an unauthorised user accessing e-Remit. This should include the use of appropriate anti-spamming’, ‘anti-key logging’ and anti-‘virus’ software, in addition to appropriate personal computer or network ‘firewall’ protection.


The Customer acknowledges that the software underlying the e-Remit service as well as other internet related software which are required for accessing e-Remit are the legal property of the relevant Vendors.

The permission given by the Bank to access e-Remit does not convey any proprietary or ownership rights in this software to the Customer.

The Customer must not attempt to modify, translate, disassemble, recompile or reverse engineer the software underlying e-Remit or create any derivative product based on the software.



You are responsible for keeping your Security Identification secure and protecting it from unauthorised access.

Change Passwords

We will provide you with the necessary instructions to enable password changes.

It is your responsibility to regularly change your passwords.

Unauthorised Access

You must notify us immediately if you become aware of or suspect unauthorised access to e-Remit, or the misuse, loss or theft of a device forming part of a Security Identification, or that the security of a password forming part of a Security Identification has been breached.

Cancellation of Security Identification or withholding of access

We may cancel your use of Security Identification, withhold access to e-Remit, or refuse to act on your instructions at any time, without notice, if we reasonably believe the Security Identification is being used in a way that may cause losses to you or us.

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We may vary the maximum amounts which you may transfer at any one time or within any period.


Rules for giving instructions

We will issue, in writing or on the e-Remit website, rules setting out the way instructions should be given, the times during which instructions may be affected and other relevant information. We may vary the rules from time to time. We will notify you of any such variation by publishing it on the e-Remit website or sending a written notice to you.

Compliance with rules

You are responsible for ensuring that the procedures set out in the rules are correctly followed for all transactions.

Quoting account number

It is your responsibility when instructing us to transfer funds to tell us the correct payee, IFSC /IBAN/sort code/routing number/BSB and account number.

Funds may not be recovered if you instruct us to make a payment to an incorrect payee/account number. Neither we, nor the institution receiving a payment, check that the account, identified by the IFSC /IBAN/sort code/routing number/BSB and account number is held by the customer named in the payment instruction.


Liability for Users

You are liable under these Terms and Conditions for the acts and omissions of all Users.

You release us from all actions, proceedings, claims, costs and demands that may be made brought or incurred by or against us arising from any failure to provide instructions to us, or any unauthorised or incorrect instructions, by any User. except to the extent that the loss or damage is caused by our act or omission in breach of this Agreement or by our (or our officers, employees, contractors or agents') negligence, fraud or wilful default.

You agree to indemnify and pay to the Bank on demand any amount equal to any losses, costs such as fees* and expenses ( including reasonable legal costs ) caused to the Bank in connection with the use of the e-Remit Facility by any User including without limitation where a payment made by through Poli or Bpay has failed or has been reversed for any reason except to the extent that the loss or damage is caused by our act or omission in breach of this Agreement or by our (or our officers, employees, contractors or agents' ) negligence, fraud or wilful default.

*For further information on SBIS Fees and Other Charges refer to R.

General Provisions.

Deemed Authority

e-Remit transactions in the Customer's Account(s) are permitted only after authentication of the User with the use of your Security Identification.

Historical Exchange Rate

You agree that we are entitled to treat any transaction effected by the use of your Security Identification as a transaction which is undertaken with your authority.


The Bank shall have no obligation to verify the authenticity of any transaction received from the Customer through e-Remit or purporting to have been sent by the Customer via e-Remit other than by means of verification of the Security Identification, unless prior to the transaction you have instructed the Bank to cancel the Security Identification.

Record of Operation

The display or printed output that is produced by the Customer at the time of operation of e-Remit is a record of the operation of the e-Remit session and is not to be construed as the Bank's record of the relevant transactions.


The e-Remit website may include hyperlinks to websites on the internet that are owned or operated by third parties including sites owned by other overseas branches of the State Bank of India.

Such linked websites are not under the control of the Bank and the Bank does not accept responsibility for the contents of, nor the consequences of, accessing any linked website or any link contained in a linked website.

The hyperlinks provided in this website should not be considered nor construed as an endorsement or verification by the Australian Bank of such linked websites or their contents.

The Customer agrees that the Customer’s access to and use of such hyperlinked websites is entirely at the Customer’s own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of access and use contained on those websites.


We are entitled to:

(a) increase or decrease the fees; or
(b) introduce a new fee; or
(c) vary these Terms and Conditions.

We will give you at least 30 days’ prior notice via email for the introduction of a new fee.

We will give you 30 days’ prior notice by advertisement published on the e-Remit website or by email of an increase in an existing fee or charge. Otherwise, we will notify you by advertisement published on the e-Remit website or by email to you no later than the day on which the change takes effect.

Language Selector

If you do not accept these changes, you may choose to terminate your use of e-Remit.

In the event that Your primary email address changes, You must notify SBIS. You may revoke Your consent at any time by contacting customer relations/e-remittance team

Additional Functionality

From time to time, we may introduce the functionality to e-Remit, which will also be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

Sbi Foreign Transaction Fee - Sbi Foreign Transaction Charges - Charges Sbi Remit - Foreign Charges

Your usage or access to the new functionality will be taken to constitute your acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.



If you:

(a) or a signatory appears to be a “Proscribed Person”;

(b) die or become legally incapacitated or become subject to any form of insolvency administration;

(c) fail to pay fees when due (and these have not been paid within 7 days of a notice from the Bank requiring the fees to be paid) ; or

(d) otherwise breach this Agreement (and if capable of remedy have given you 14 days' notice in writing to remedy the breach, which breach then remains unremedied),

we may immediately terminate this Agreement either by notifying you in writing or ceasing to provide access to e-Remit and/or exercise any right, power, or privilege conferred by law, equity or this Agreement, to recover from you any losses, damages, costs or expenses we have suffered, incurred or realised in connection with your use of the Service.;

(We will only exercise our rights under this clause if it is reasonable for us to do so.

Termination by either party

Either party may terminate this Agreement by 15 days’ notice in writing to the other party.

Continuing rights

Termination will not affect your right or our rights which have accrued before termination including our right to recover fees and any losses incurred by us..

You will remain responsible for any transaction on your e-Remit account prior to the time of cancellation of your e-Remit account.


If you appear to be a Proscribed Person, then we may immediately refuse to process or complete any transaction or dealing of yours; suspend the provision of a product or service to you; refuse to allow or to facilitate any of your assets held by us to be used or dealt with; refuse to make any asset available to you to any other Proscribed Person or entity; or terminate these arrangements with you.

We will be under no liability to you if we do any of these things.


Our rights under this clause are in addition to all other rights we may have.

If we exercise our rights under this clause you must pay us any damages, losses, costs or reasonable expenses that we incur in relation to any action taken under this clause, including without limitation, administrative costs and/or costs of sale or purchase of any transaction or deal put in place for the purposes of meeting our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales.

The Customer and the Bank agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.


Consequential loss

Where we have acted with due care and skill, we expressly exclude liability for consequential loss or damage in respect of this Agreement, your use of e-Remit, the unavailability of e-Remit, cancellation of your Security Identification, withholding of access to e-Remit by us, or any refusal to act on your instructions, or for loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.


We do not warrant that the services provided to you in relation to e-Remit will be fault free or that any problem with the e-Remit site or the internet can be solved immediately or quickly.

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You acknowledge that those services may rely on factors outside our control. We will use reasonable endeavours to overcome any fault in the services we provide to you as quickly as possible.

Statutory Warranties

The service when supplied to you as a consumer comes with a non-excludable warranty under consumer protection laws that it will be carried out with due care and skill and be reasonably fit for the purpose.

Sbi forex rates history

If we breach any of those warranties, you may be entitled to compensation. When you are not a consumer under consumer protection laws our liability for loss or damage is limited to re-supplying the service to you or paying the costs of having the service re-supplied to you. When you are a consumer under the consumer protection laws, our liability is limited in this way only to the extent permitted by those laws.

Force Majeure

Where the Bank has acted with due care and skill the Bank is not responsible for any delay in communicating, carrying out or performing any instructions or transactions due to a failure of operational systems for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Bank.

Liability for Third Parties’ systems

You acknowledge that disruptions to the operations and systems of other financial institutions may also delay or disrupt transactions.

The Bank is unable to control the operations and systems of other institutions and is not liable to you for any loss arising from disruptions to the operations or systems of those institutions.



You may not assign your rights and obligations under this Agreement without first obtaining our written consent. The Bank may sub-contract and employ agents to carry out any of its obligations under this Agreement.

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The Bank may transfer or assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any other person without your consent.


No delay, neglect or forbearance by either party in enforcing its rights at law or any provisions of this Agreement against the other party shall be a waiver or in any way prejudice any right of either party, unless expressly stated in writing.


If any provision of this Agreement is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable for unfairness or any other reason (for example, if a court or other tribunal or authority delegate declares it so), the remaining provisions of this Agreement will continue to apply to the extent possible as if the void or unenforceable part had never existed.

Government duties, fees and charges

You must pay all Government duties, taxes, fees and charges which arise because of the execution of this Agreement and the rights given to you by this Agreement.


Any notice required or permitted by this Agreement to be given by us shall be sufficient if executed for and on behalf of us by one of our officers the title for whose position is or includes the word “manager”.

Unless prohibited by law, we may send you notices by electronic communication by:

(a) sending the information to an electronic address nominated by you; or
(b) making the information available for retrieval at the e-Remit website and sending, to an electronic address nominated by you, a notification that the information is available


Whenever you ask for our consent, we will only refuse our consent if it is reasonable to refuse it.

If we give our consent, we may impose reasonable conditions. You must comply with any reasonable conditions we impose in giving our consent.


No amendment, modification or variation of the provisions of this Agreement by you shall be effective unless made in writing and accepted by us.



International Money Transfers (IMTs) are electronic payments of cleared funds that are credited directly to a nominated bank account almost anywhere in the world.

Language Selector

They are an efficient and reliable way of making international payments.
SBIS recommends that you read all terms provided in this document relating to IMTs and that you ask us about any issues that concern you.

Use of a Correspondent

a) State Bank of India Sydney (SBIS) may use the services of another bank ('the Correspondent Bank') or agency ('the Correspondent Agency') or another branch of State Bank of India (SBI) (collectively, the Correspondent) to give effect to the instructions of the Applicant.

b) SBIS may terminate the use of a Correspondent to process any payment on behalf of SBIS.

Should SBIS terminate a Correspondent, SBIS may not be able to process a payment instruction on your behalf. You acknowledge and agree that should this occur SBIS shall not be held liable for any cost, loss or liability incurred by you or the beneficiary because of SBIS not being able to process your payments due to SBIS terminating a Correspondent.

You also agree and acknowledge that SBIS shall not be liable for any cost, loss or liability incurred by you and/or your beneficiary as a result of any delay in, or failure of processing your payment instructions by a Correspondent.

c) SBIS may receive a commission from, or enter commission/revenue sharing arrangements with a Correspondent, the amount of which will depend on various factors.

Correspondent Commissions, Fees or Other Charges

a) A Correspondent may charge commissions, fees or other charges in making payments to the beneficiary account.

Unless other arrangements are in place with a Correspondent those commissions, fees or charges will normally either be deducted by a Correspondent from the funds paid to the beneficiary’s account or passed on to SBIS.

b) Where the deduction is made, the beneficiary will receive less than the payment amount specified in your instructions.

c) If those commissions, fees or charges are passed on to SBIS, then you will be required to reimburse SBIS for them.

d) At your request SBIS will obtain within ten (10) working days details of the commissions, fees or other charges for specified Correspondent’s used by SBIS.

You acknowledge that SBIS’s ability to obtain such details is reliant upon the co-operation of the specified Correspondent.

SBIS Fees and Other Charges

a) SBIS fees and charges are as follows:

Table 1

Providing the TT service  

A$ 15.00

Applications through e-Remit portal (AUD to INR)



0-<1,000 – A$ 2

1000-<10,000 – A$ 4

10,000-24999.99- A$ 8

>25000 – NIL

All other currency remittances through e-Remit


Cancelling the TT after it has been requested 
(in addition to the fee for initially providing the service)  

$15.00 plus conversion at TT Buying rate of request date

Making amendments to original payment details 

$10.00 (in addition to the fee for initially providing the service)  

Making enquiries regarding a payment to the beneficiary (for example querying the non-receipt of funds)  

$15.00 each

Return of the payment by the Correspondent (in addition to the fee for initially providing the service) 

[$30.00 plus any out of pocket expenses incurred by SBIS

b) All SBIS fees are denominated in Australian dollars.

c) These fees do not include any fees and charges that correspondent banks may charge.

Delayed Payment

a) The transfer of funds to India will normally take 24-48 hours by the branch of SBI / Correspondent Banks (The Expected Time).

Sbi Exchange Rate Usd To Inr

If the branch / Correspondent is not the beneficiary's branch / bank, it may take additional time to forward funds to the beneficiary's branch / bank. For other currency remittances, we do not take responsibility for the amount of time taken by the correspondent banks and the total time taken before the beneficiary gets the final credit in their account.

b) The transfer of funds may be delayed past the Expected Time due to circumstances beyond SBIS' control (which include but are not limited to) cut off times for transmissions imposed by a Correspondent Closure of payment window ; technical fault at RITS, APCA, SBIS etc, delays or complications in post or otherwise; delays, errors or omissions in transit or transmission; acts or omissions of a Correspondent or any other third party; or delays and complications in overseas banking systems.

To the maximum extent permissible by law, SBIS and its employees and agents accept no responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from delays that arise as a result of the circumstances specified above or any act or thing done or omitted to be done by SBIS while acting in good faith on the Applicant's instructions.