Series 3 And Forex

Series 3 and forex

Series 3 and forex

The Series 3 Exam needs to be considered by anyone who is will be acting as an Associated Person, Commodity Trading Adviser, Commodity Pool Operator, Introducing Broker, or Futures Commission Merchant.

Those who trade ForEx (foreign exchange) are under jurisdiction of the NFA/CFTC and are being required to sit for the Series 3 test and the Series 34 test.

The Series 3 exam (exam prep and course material here) is divided into ten categories and is graded in two groups: Market Knowledge and Rules/Regulations.

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The first nine of the following categories with 85 questions comprises the Market Knowledge Group; category ten, with 35 questions, comprises the Rules and Regulations Group.

You must achieve a 70% on each group to pass the exam.

Note that the NFA study outline has been changed to eight categories, essentially combining financial and agricultural hedging into one group and general speculation and spreading into one group.

Series 3 and forex