Apollo Micro Ipo Live Rate

Apollo micro ipo live rate

Apollo Micro Systems IPO Grey Market, GMP of Apollo Micro Systems Limited, Apollo Micro Systems GMP Premium, Kostak Rates and more.

Apollo Micro Systems IPO Grey Market GMP

Apollo Micro Systems has launched its IPO and it is coming in a couple of days, Now as the IPO is already announced, price band is fixed, the grey market premium of Apollo Micro Systems is also moving up.

The IPO of Apollo Micro Systems looks good and the GMP is also soaring. The GMP is currently at Rs. 140. The IPO will be open for the subscription for three days from 10th January 2018 to 12th January 2018. This is the first mainline IPO of 2018. The Indian markers NSE and BSE are also doing good and the fundamentals of the company are also looking very good.

Apollo Micro Systems Ltd. (IPO)

This is the reason for the grey market price of Apollo Micro Systems is on the higher side. If you want to check the grey market premium or GMP every day, you can come to this page to check the price every day.

We will update the GMP premium of Apollo Micro Systems IPO every day on this website. So, our readers do not have to go anywhere. Please check the given section for the latest and updated grey market prices.


Apollo Micro Systems IPO Grey Market Premium

Let us check some important details about this IPO.

  • Name: Apollo Micro Systems Limited
  • IPO Opens on 10th January 2018
  • IPO Closes on 12th January 2018
  • IPO Price: Rs.

    Apollo Micro Systems IPO Grey Market, GMP Price and Premium, Kostak Rates

    270 – Rs. 275 Per Equity Share

  • Discount: Rs. 12 for RII (Retail Individual Investors) and to eligible employees.
  • Apollo Micro Systems IPO Lot Size: 50 Shares

The company had set the IPO price at Rs. 270 – Rs.

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275 Per Equity Share. There is good news for the retail investors and the eligible employees of the company.

What is Grey Market Premium?

The company has given Rs. 12 discount to the retail investors and the eligible employees. This means this IPO will be Rs. 12 cheaper to the retail investors and employees. The IPO price will be Rs. 258 – Rs.

Rs. 263 for the RIIs and employees.

The lot size of the IPO is 50 shares and the Minimum Order Quantity is also 50 shares.

Apollo micro ipo live rate

Those who want to get all information about this IPO can check the below link.

Apollo Micro Systems IPO

The other important thing investors would like to know is the Apollo Micro Systems IPO Allotment, We are going to update the link of IPO allotment status of Apollo Micro Systems at our website.

If you are one of the investors who has applied for this IPO, you should check the allotment page of the IPO at the given link.

The allotmnet of the Apollo Micro will be announced soon, Please check the gievn link.

Apollo Micro Systems IPO Allotment

Apollo Micro Systems GMP Latest / Updated

Check Apollo Micro Systems IPO Grey Market, GMP of Apollo Micro Systems Limited, Apollo Micro Systems GMP, Apollo Micro Systems Premium, Apollo Micro Systems IPO Kostak Rates and more at www.greymarket.co.in.

DateGMPKostak RateSauda
05 Jan 2018Rs.



Apollo micro ipo live rate


08 Jan 2018Rs. 140Rs. 200Rs.

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09 Jan 2018Rs. 140Rs. 200Rs. 6000
10 Jan 2018Rs. 140Rs. 200Rs. 7000
11 Jan 2018Rs. 150Rs. 200Rs. 7000
12 Jan 2018Rs.

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Rs. 250Rs.

Apollo Micro IPO Listing - Apollo Micro System IPO Listing Price - Apollo Micro System IPO Listing


15 Jan 2018Rs. 200Rs. 250Rs. 9000
16 Jan 2018Rs. 210Rs. 250Rs.

Apollo micro ipo live rate


17 Jan 2018Rs. 220Rs. 250Rs.

IPO Grey Market Premium, Latest IPO GMP & Kostak Rates


18 Jan 2018Rs. 225
19 Jan 2018Rs. 225

19-01-2017: Current GMP is Rs. 225.
17-01-2017: Premimum is Rs.

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16-01-2017: The GMP premimum is Rs. 210.
15-01-2017: Premium is up at Rs.

What is Kostak Rates?

12-01-2017: The grey market premium is all time high at Rs. 170.
11-01-2017: GMP is up to Rs. 150.
10-01-2017: Sauda prices are up to Rs. 7000 on the opening day of the IPO.
09-01-2017: Grey market price stays same at Rs.

Apollo micro ipo live rate

08-01-2017: The current GMP is Rs. 140. Kostak Rate is Rs. 6000.

Please note that the Apollo Micro Systems Grey Market Premium page will be updated daily for our readers and the information given here will be fresh. So, readers can bookmark this page.

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