Apply Ipo Through Icici Net Banking

Apply ipo through icici net banking

How to apply for IPO via ICICI Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

In case you wish to apply for any of the IPOs through ICICI Bank NetBanking (via ASBA), this post is for you.

Apply ipo through icici net banking

Your respective bank will have the corresponding ASBA section.

ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amounts. This system ensures that the amount needed to apply for an IPO is blocked in the selected savings account, without being debited. Only in case of allotment, is the amount finally debited.

So, here’re the steps:

Go to the ICICI Bank NetBanking URL.


You have now successfully applied for the IPO through the ICICI Bank ASBA online application method.

How to Apply IPO - ICICI Bank Account (Hindi)

Refer this post to check allotment status for the applied IPO.

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