Avaya Ipo 10 Couplage Gmail

Avaya ipo 10 couplage gmail

Avaya ipo 10 couplage gmail


Appendix A: Authentication Flow


IP Office Release 10+ must support Esna Technologies’ security tokens when authenticating IP Office clients using Avaya Communicator for Web.

A Unique Identity for each user is enabled by Esna Technologies and Avaya IP Office for voice, video and other forms of collaboration.

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The identity takes the form of an email ID assigned by the domain administrator, and configured through IP Office under the user section.

This identity is used with Esna Client integrations, and the Gmail / VMPro integration feature in IP Office Release 10+.

Call Flow

The Avaya Communicator for Web - IP Office client will exchange a token with the Esna Authentication server, then pass the token to the one-X portal to launch the OpenAPI login, XMPP, and WebRTC sessions.

The one-X portal will validate the token with the Esna servers to obtain the unique ID associated with that client. one-X will then query IP Office for the user’s password and return the required details for the Client to use with subsequent calls to set up the telephony, IM, and presence sessions.

Avaya ipo 10 couplage gmail