Avaya Ipo Time Changes When Manager Closed

Avaya ipo time changes when manager closed

Avaya ipo time changes when manager closed

You’ve walked into the office and the phones are showing the wrong time. Well that’s a simple one, and there are a couple of ways to do this.

Log on to the System Administrator console and select system on the left hand list.

Make sure you have the System tab also selected and you will see a box called Time Settings.

Just above this is a drop down box called Time Setting Config Source.

This is where you select the systems time source, basically where it will get the time from.

If you want to quickly get the system and all handsets displaying the right time the quickest way to do this is to set this drop down box to Voicemail Pro / Manager.

Then enter the IP address of the PC you are running System Administrator on and OK the change.

Save the configuration.

This change can be done as a merge command, and within a few minutes your phones will display the correct time.

Ideally this is a quick fix and you are best using SNTP address time server.

Please submit a request to the team if you require this service.

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