Cerberus Ipo And Schutzhund Club

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

Nikos 1st night training with Rachel..

Scenic Rim Sportsdog Train the Trainer 2019

Some further footage from when we had the team from Adelaide Sportdog Club come and give ourselves and our dogs some amazing training.

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

Thanks again from Scenic Rim Sportsdog and Gold Coast Sportdog Club

Lovely night for training..

Vomambach Rhanna (Leafield Raza x Kovacs Vinnie) 11 months old

A lovely visitor..

Julie & Caesar from Cerberus 😊

Axel and Wayne 😀

Tuesday night..

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

The talented puppy Rhana with Peter

Trading Tuesday night ..

big boys doing their box thing 😂 Axel

Sherry & Niko - building prey drive

Sherry Leach & Niko, building prey drive with helper Lauren (in training).

LV DVG America

Peter & Rhaana tracking.

Beginning to introduce articles. Great work you two!

Julie & Izzy tracking

Wayne Fournier & Axel, building prey drive with the flirt stick.

Doing very well, Axel has loads of drive already!

Happy #workingdogwednesday from Xena!

Nice work Julie.

Lauren & Shadow tracking this morning.

Looking good!

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

Julie & Xena working towards their IPO/IGP2. Brilliant to watch

Lauren & Xora learning to retrieve the dumbbell over the jump.

Cerberus IPO

Teaching the sit and hold exercise separately at this stage

Julie & Izzy practising their recall.

Well done Izzy!

Opening Hours

Lauren & Shadow practising rear-end awareness.

Awesome work you two!

Julie and her new pup Izzy. What a little cutie!

Welcome to the club Sherry Leach & Niko!

Peter & Tara working towards their IPO1

Julie Langford & Xena back in training after a 2 month break having puppies 🐶

Lauren & Shadow practising their hold and bark in protection.

Awesome team

Peter & Julie teaching Rhaana to jump the jump!

Cerberus ipo and schutzhund club

Rodney & Kaiser working on their fussing

Peter & Tara - what a team!

Peter & Rhaana practising their fussing.

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Nice work!

Lauren & Xora doing an excellent hold and bark.

Great work team!

Axel (Wayne Fournier's pup) practising his fussing with Julie Langford

Steve and Bella working on back end awareness

Rosemary Jones & Drachen doing a great job working towards their BH

Tara spending a great amount of time on the scent pad before beginning her track.

This is exactly how it should be done, awesome work Peter & Tara!

Lauren Bucksath & Xora working towards their TR1 title

Peter & Rhaana nailing a left turn at tracking this morning

Peter & Tara working towards their TR2 title this morning.

Well done team!

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Lauren & Shadow - what a team!

👏🏻 Never underestimate the importance of playing with your dog after he has done an exercise well. This increases the dog’s motivation and tells him that he has done a good job.

Tiroide ipo e iper funzionante istologia

No rest for the wicked.

Lauren Bucksath & Shadow running two blinds at training last night.