Co Je Na Forexu Vydej A Co Prijem

Co je na forexu vydej a co prijem

en Unless otherwise determined in this Part, the holder of a pilot licence, when acting as co-pilot or PICUS, is entitled to be credited with all of the co-pilot time towards the total flight time required for a higher grade of pilot licence.

hr Collinsu je predala molbu sa njenim idejama o bankovnim regulativama i svi su mislili da je sjajna

en The IAEA will perform a part of this work based on co-funding, contributing with approximately 1 % of the total eligible cost of the project.

hr Cvijeće bi bilo lijepo.Ali sam spreman za doručak

en Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas (ASCOBANS): this aims to co-ordinate measures to reduce negative impact of by-catches, habitat loss, marine pollution and acoustic disturbances among the ten parties.

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en Title 33 (co-delegation to EMPL)

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en Co-operation with the Member States

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en A standard contractual term, or a term not individually negotiated in a consumer contract, shall be regarded as unfair if, in breach of the requirements of good faith and equity, it establishes, unilaterally and without justification, the contractual rights and obligations of the parties to the detriment of the co-contractor of the party imposing the contractual term in question.

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en The tips are then disseminated to the appropriate unit in the field-- a cantonal police station, the Public Security Centre, or the State Border Service-- and to the EUPM co-locators and advisors

hr Znajte da razum ima granice, ali...

MAKRA A KALORIE (základní a důležité informace!) NUTNÉ ZNÁT

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en Our staff includes persons that have been comprehensively educated and trained for in the field of intellectual property , with a result that our personnel includes , inter alia , the co-authors of the Copyright and Related Right Law and the Patent Law , and those who are , as the short-time experts , involved in the ongoing CARDS program regarding the system of IPR in Croatia .

hr Niste dobivali sa mnom, a bez mene je još i tužnije

en Maintain effective co-operation between the EU and Georgia towards a settlement of the conflict within agreed formats, including consultations with a view to establishing ways for appropriate involvement of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia in the deepening of EU-Georgia relations;

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en 15 By its first question, the referring court asks, in essence, whether Article 6(1) of Regulation No 44/2001 must be interpreted as meaning that it may, under that provision, be expedient to hear and determine applications together to avoid the risk of irreconcilable judgments resulting from separate proceedings in the case of an action for damages, and for disclosure in that regard, brought jointly against undertakings which have participated in different places and at different times in a single and continuous infringement, as found by a decision of the Commission, of the prohibition of anti-competitive agreements, decisions and concerted practices provided for in EU law, even where the applicant has withdrawn its action against the sole co-defendant domiciled in the same State as the court seised.

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en □ a co-debtor: [name and address (known or assumed)]

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en It is therefore considered that all affected economic operators were duly informed of the possibility that special provisions in respect of goods consigned from the PRC may be adopted, if appropriate, and were invited to co-operate in the investigation.

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en Cos I like cooking.

hr Zvijer koju sam vidio je bila poput leoparda, noge su joj bile kao u medvjeda, usta kao u lava, a Zmaj joj dade svoju moć

en a detailed description of the pricing method, the firmness regime and the sharing of congestion income for the cross-zonal capacity that has been allocated to bids for the exchange of balancing capacity or sharing of reserves via the co-optimised allocation process;

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en The European Union and Member States public administrations, and projects co-financed by them, are the first places where this change of perspective should be tested, fostered and hopefully realised.

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en — as a co-pilot, or

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en 2) Order the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) to pay, in addition to its own costs, the costs of Giant (China) Co.

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en The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe held its final meeting in Sofia on Wednesday, passing the baton to its successor organisation, the Regional Co-operation Council

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en ◻ The proposal/initiative does not provide for co-financing by third parties

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en Don't put gum on it cos it'll get...

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en From this amount EUR 1,8 million corresponds to the lower number of co-decision and other legal acts published in the Official Journal in 2015.

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en (4) Article 27(2)(b)(ii) of the Agreement provides that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy are to co-chair the Joint Ministerial Committee.

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en (c) the time shall be expressed as co-ordinated universal time (UTC);

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en Depending on budget availability, the highest ranked proposals will be awarded co-funding.

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en Encourages, particularly in the case of co-funded and multi-donor initiatives, international institutions to:

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