Ellipse In Ipe 7

Ellipse in ipe 7

Writing Equations of Ellipses in Standard Form and Graphing Ellipses - Conic Sections

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.TH SVGTOIPE "1" "April 2015" "Ipe" "User Commands"
svgtoipe \- Convert a SVG file to Ipe 7 format
\fBsvgtoipe\fR converts a SVG file to an XML file understood by Ipe
version 7.
If the output filename is not specified, it will be derived
either by replacing \fI.ipe\fR at the end of the input filename with
\fI.svg\fR, or by appending \fI.ipe\fR if the input filename does not
end with with \fI.svg\fR.
If either input or output filename is '\-\-', then stdin, resp.

Ellipse in ipe 7


is used to read or write data.
display a short help text
operate in clipboard mode. Data is output as ipe clipboard content.
This allows pasting svg data from inkscape to ipe:
(1) Copy elements Inkscape to clipboard,
(2) run: 'xsel | ./svgtoipe.py -c -- | xsel -i',
(3) paste clipboard content into ipe.
.SH Supported SVG Features
The following SVG elements are converted: path, image, rect, circle, ellipse,
line, polygon, and polyline
The following SVG elements are converted: group, clipPath, linearGradient,
Image conversion is only supported if \fIpython-imaging\fR is available.


is only converted, if it has coordinates specified as attribute of the svg text
Otfried Cheong
Christian Kapeller

Ellipse in ipe 7