Eos Crypto As An Investment

Eos crypto as an investment

EOS/USD OKEx Overview

First, I would like to give some information about myself. I am the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club with around 32k people in the main group and over 10k in the Beginner's group, however, you count it, tens of thousands of people in the groups I created and manage.

Eos crypto as an investment

I also have years of experience offering advice and researching cryptocurrencies, starting in 2013, and I have worked as a crypto market advisor in the past. I am also the community manager of Expanse, the first stable fork of Ethereum.

So, what do I think of EOS?

Eos crypto as an investment

The biggest con would be the use of data centers with DPOS, as essentially that could be an argument against decentralization. However, Dan Larimer, who is one of the best without any doubt, has a strong argument that mining pools are also forms of centralization, I tend to agree as I know the issues of mining pools and proof of work far more than most, as most people do not work on proof of work based projects or have to deal with the threats and risks.

So I think his argument is valid as proof of work is not a perfect solution.

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Invariably, pools form, mining cartels form, and create groups with powerful influence. They manipulate for their own interests that do not always align with user’s interests.

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I do believe DPOS done right is a reasonable solution. It is ideologically a trade off, in a way, but TX scalability can be easily solved with such a solution proposed by EOS, and I see no reason Dan and his team cannot pull this off, they have a blank slate to start with and plenty of funding and talent.

The biggest pro would be that this could be something that could help Blockchain go mainstream with ease of use and scalability.


I also believe the tech and use case concepts are very real and the business plan makes sense, it is not just hype. I do think the unlimited ICO cannot by design offer the profits of buying Ethereum early or perhaps buying a lower market cap project, but if you are bullish on Blockchain and think this will all get bigger by the time EOS launches, then there will certainly be profits just on speculation alone.

There is also the argument that Dan has been involved in a few projects and could lose interest, but since they are raising so much money and he has the experience of working with past teams, I think it is reasonable to assume he has learned many lessons from his past experiences, and it would be highly unlikely he would lose interest in such a promising and rewarding project that he has so much personal control over.

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I see that risk, of him losing interest in an ideal situation as so low I would not even worry about it.

So my advice is that EOS is a solid investment, not something to go all in on as there is always the risk, but to accumulate as part of a diversified portfolio and just hold and watch the project grow.

You may not make astronomical profits, but I think the risks are low and the potential rewards offset them. Bitcoin will always have more drama and problems and even if Ethereum remains dominant people will always be looking for the next Ethereum.

Eos crypto as an investment

Speculation alone makes this a good bet, and if Dan and his team are successful building it, which I think is most likely, EOS will be a huge win.