Felix Industries Ipo Gmp

Felix industries ipo gmp

Felix industries ipo gmp

Product Recovery

From the environmental point of view, by-product/waste recovery is an efficient method of waste reduction and pollution control. In the past

Evaporation and Reject Treatment

Felix undertakes handling and processing of all these rejects, employing various technologies most suitable for the respective purposes.

Oil & Grease Removal system

Oil and grease are found in wastewater, either as an emulsion or as free-floating agglomerates.

Chemicals such as detergents

Effluent and Sewage Treatment

Different effluent-based companies need to treat their effluents differently.

upcoming IPO ice make refrigerator Limited open 28 November

Felix provides a consolidated common solution..

Speciality Membranes

Tubular Membrane Separation system is an inside-out, cross-flow membrane separation process, in which a semi-permeable..