Freedom Insurance Group Limited Ipo

Freedom insurance group limited ipo

Freedom insurance group limited ipo

Freedom Insurance Group Ltd– DvP Settlement of Initial Public Offer ASX Code: FIGXX

What's this about:

Notice reference number:1352.16.11

Date published:14/11/16

Effective as of:14/11/16

Last updated:14/11/16

This Notice is being issued to provide Participants with further information on the DvP Settlement service extended to support Initial Public Offer of Freedom Insurance Group Ltd

What do I need to do by when?

Bid Details:



23 November 2016:

Deadline for all parties to transmit Dual Entry Settlement Instructions to effect CHESS DVP  Settlement between the two parties[1]

24 November 2016†:

Settlement Date 

25 November 2016:

FIGXX holdings to be transformed to FIG by Computershare Investor Services Limited

Settlement Agent:

Baillieu Holst Limited (PID 03118)


Darren McKay


(03) 9602 9313


(03) 9602 2350


[email protected]

[1] An existing market convention states that transactions should be matched before 4 pm on S-1.

Unmatched transactions after this time may be matched up until 11.30 am on S without prior agreement with the counterparty.

Freedom insurance group limited ipo

Any transactions remaining should only be matched in the last hour with agreement with the counterparty.

† The CHESS Subregister will close at 7.00pm.

CHESS Charges

The CHESS tariffs for processing individual transactions will not apply to Participants in the processing of FIGXX where the Transaction Basis “I” (IPO) is used in CHESS messages.

Participants should be aware that transactions do not receive the benefit of central counterparty backing.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

Therefore, if there were a default the non-defaulting party would not be able to look to ASX Clear for completion of the transaction.

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Nehali Dani, Post Trade Operations

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Nehali Dani
1800 623 571
[email protected]


Freedom insurance group limited ipo