Hajime No Ippo Raw 1243

Hajime no ippo raw 1243

Hajime no Ippo 1243 Spoiler

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Umezawa tries to convince Ippo to leave this place, but his words don’t reach Ippo.

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In Ippo’s head, he’s flash-backing the last month he spent with Taihei. Taihei: “Make me your student! I will never use my fists for fighting again! I’m serious!


Am I getting stronger with all this suffering? I will do it! Master!” 

And lastly, the words he recalls are from Kamogawa, “One day I would like to see your so said student.”

Umezawa: “Ippo! Are you listening?! Hey!

Hajime no Ippo 1243 - Read Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1243

You listening?!” Without saying anything, Ippo stands up. He picks up the soaked up mitts and walks towards Taihei.

Umezawa panics, “H…hey…” 

Taihei: “Ah?

Don’t get involved.” But he looks at Ippo’s face and gets scared. Ippo’s face has turned demonic.

Hajime no ippo raw 1243

Ippo powerfully slaps Taihei in the face and Taihei magnificently gets blown away. He bounces on the ground twice and falls on the ground unconsciously.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1243: Betrayal

Umezawa: “Uh…uwaaaaaa! He’s done it! Hey! You! Are you okay?!


Are you alive?!” Umezawa checks on Taihei, and he’s bleeding,  but he can still hear Taihei’s heartbeat and affirms that he’s still alive.

Ippo comes back to his senses: “Uh…uwaaaaaa!

What…what have I done!”

Umezawa: “His heart is still beating! He’s just unconscious.

Hajime no ippo raw 1243

Don’t worry! Hey you over there!” 

The other guy: “What? What?”

Umezawa: “Make sure you’re beside him till he wakes up!

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1243: Betrayal summary

If you realize something strange then call the ambulance OK! Be responsible and be there for him!”

The other guy: “Y…yes…”

Umezawa drags Ippo away from this place and takes him to Aoki’s Ramen place.

Aoki: “I understand the situation.

I also understand how you wanted to slap him like that.”

Aoki: “What’s done is done. But…you didn’t punch him and just slapped him, and he also just fell unconscious, so just eat up and forget about it.”

Ippo: “I will enjoy it. I mean it’s like my last supper anyway…”

Aoki&Umezawa: “Last supper?”

Ippo: “I can’t recall it.

Hajime no ippo raw 1243

The moment I came back to my senses, he was lying down on the ground…he’s an amateur! A former pro and the former champion of Japan…lost control and raised his hands…this must not be allowed!”

Ippo: “I will turn myself in.”

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