Ipo Dog Training Uk Milton Keynes

Ipo dog training uk milton keynes

You may have seen me on the BBC, heard me on the local radio or seen me around your streets training dogs when all else has failed.

Ipo dog training uk milton keynes

More often I get the call on the back of the many recommendations. Many have written testimonials below.

Your probably like all dog owners in wanting to get it right straight away? Wanting the best for your dog. Well I understand, I am no different, only the best will do for my dogs to!

If you live in Northamptonshire then I cover it all.

Working Dog FCI IPO World Championships 2014 Malmö, Sweden

I also dog train in Buckinghamshire, over to Bedfordshire, taking in Warwickshire and Leicestershire. Of course I am happy to travel anywhere to help any dog owner.

Ipo dog training uk milton keynes

Including London and all counties in between to Scotland.