Ipo Of Vdh Breda

Ipo of vdh breda

Norway: multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured

In Norway, multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured .


The VDH therefore recommends its member clubs and National associations not to admit dogs living in Norway to events, exhibitions and sports competitions in Germany for the next 14 days. The VDH thus follows the decisions made by the Kennel Clubs in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

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Bundessieger & Herbstsieger Show

Extended: 10 September

The Bundessieger & Herbstsieger-Show will take place from 11–13 October 2019 in Dortmund.

Ipo of vdh breda

You have the double chance for titles and challenge certificates. Join the biggest dog show in Germany!

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New fitness test for pugs

VDH, GKF and veterinary universities launch study to improve health of flat-faced dogs.

Brachycephalic dog breeds have shorter muzzles and flatter faces than other breeds.

Ipo of vdh breda

Extreme brachycephalic breeds may suffer health problems, the most obvious being shortness of breath and impaired thermal regulation.

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Visit Germany and the famous Shows in Dortmund, Leipzig and Hannover

Four weekends with Double Shows with national (CAC) and international (CACIB) titles in the middle of the Ruhr Metropolis, Leipzig and Hannover.

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