Juul Labs Ipo Date

Juul labs ipo date


Learn how to invest in Juul stock when the company begins trading.

Open an account with a commission-free online brokerage such as M1 Finance to be ready to buy the stock when the IPO is complete. 

Or attempt to get early IPO access through TradeStation. It’s one of the only low-cost brokers that give IPO access to regular (not affluent) investors through its partnership with ClickIPO. Learn more about this partnership and how to get access to IPOs for as little as $500.

Another easy place to get direct IPO access is through the no-fee investing app Webull.

Juul labs ipo date

Webull is a smartphone-only platform similar to Robinhood. Start investing in IPOs with a $100 minimum deposit. 

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If you join Webull and deposit $100 within 24 hours of opening an account, you’ll earn two free stocks valued up to $1,400.

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Latest Juul Stock IPO News

Juul to cut 650 jobs, or 16% of its workforce, slash $1 billion in costs
Altria has seen $30 billion of its market value erased since the FDA launched a vaping investigation in April (MO)

What is Juul?

Juul Labs, Inc.

is a company that manufactures electronic cigarettes. It’s the most popular product in a market space with dozens of competitors, having a 72% market share as of September 2018. 

Electronic cigarettes vaporize a liquid that contains nicotine. The vapor is then inhaled, similar to a traditional cigarette. Hence the name, vaping. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Juul offers several JUULpod flavors, but state regulators are threatening to ban certain flavors that are popular with teens.

Juul markets itself as a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

There is general agreement that this is true, but there are not enough studies to know for sure. For anyone looking to use Juul to stop smoking cigarettes, use the Juul store locator to learn where to buy. 

Is Juul Stock Publicly Traded?

No, the company is owned by private investors. Juul stock is not traded on a stock exchange, but some shares may be exchanged on secondary equity markets.

Juul labs ipo date

See the below section Four Ways to Own Juul Stock, #4. 

The company will only become publicly traded if it conducts an initial public offering (IPO).

Who Owns Juul Labs, the Company Behind Juul Cigarettes?

Juul Labs, Inc. shareholders are mostly made up of founders, early investors (venture capital firms), and employees. You can find a current list of Juul investors at Crunchbase.

What is the Juul Stock Price?

Since Juul is not publicly traded on a stock exchange, there is no Juul stock price yet.

Ideas That Drive Markets

You can buy Juul stock during or after the IPO occurs. The IPO date is not yet set, and there are no public filings with the SEC. 

When the company does file with the SEC, we’ll add a link to this page. 

What is the Juul Stock Symbol?

Juul has not yet submitted public filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Therefore, it is not yet known what the Juul stock symbol will be. However, we can speculate that the symbol will be JUUL.

Will Juul Stock be a Motley Fool Stock Advisor Recommendation?

We won’t know until after the IPO if Juul will be a Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation.

However, Juul stock fits the mold of high-growth, disruptive business models that the Motley Fool typically recommends.

When the Motley Fool recommends a company, there is usually an immediate spike in the price. Fool newsletter subscribers are notoriously long-term minded and rarely sell, meaning the stock price will continue to rise.

Juul may also receive a recommendation by the Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter or other premium services. Both services have handily beaten the broader market since the early 2000s.

Read this Motley Fool Stock Advisor review to learn about their stock selection methodologies and about how you can participate in excellent returns.

Stock Advisor is currently half-off at just $99 for an annual subscription.

Learn more here.

Four Ways to Own Juul Stock

It is challenging to acquire shares of a company that is not yet traded on the public stock exchanges markets.

However, it is possible, but only if you’re eligible, and it may not be worth the hassle.

For example, if you look at Uber stock, individual investors salivated for years waiting for it to trade publicly.

In This Story

When it finally went public, the stock price fell. So you were better off waiting to buy the stock instead of buying it before the IPO.

That said, there are four ways you may be able to buy an ownership stake in Juul. The first way is indirect, but nearly everyone can do it because a publicly-traded company already owns a portion of Juul.

The other three methods require patience, eligibility, and possibly some luck. 

I’ll go over each way in order of likelihood that it will work.

  1. Buy Altria Stock (MO)
  2. Buy Juul Stock after it begins trading
  3. Buy the Juul Stock IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  4. Attempt to acquire shares in a pre-IPO secondary marketplaces


Juul Stock – Four Ways to Invest in the Company

Buy Altria Stock Today

The Richmond VA-based company, Altria, owns a 35% stake in Juul. Altria traces its roots back decade to Phillip Morris, the old tobacco behemoth.

Phillip Morris changed its name to Altria in 2003 due to legal problems.

Five years later, Altria spun off a new company, also called Phillip Morris (PM), in 2008. Phillip Morris now operates as a separate company, selling cigarettes internationally.

Altria owns and distributes the most popular cigarette brand on the planet, Marlboro

The company paid $12.8 billion for its Juul stake on 12/20/2018.

Juul labs ipo date

That means, by owning Altria stock, you can actually own a small portion of Juul TODAY. The ownership stake purchased by Altria valued Juul at about $38 billion.

However, since then, Juul has faced many challenges with marketing, health, and regulatory risks.

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As a result, Altria’s stock is trading well below its 52-week high with a very high dividend. Altria is a Dividend Aristocrat, having increased its dividend each year for more than 25 years. 

You can buy Altria at no-fee online brokerage such as M1 Finance.

2. Buy Juul Stock After it Begins Trading

Since acquiring pre-IPO shares is delicate and usually reserved for wealthy and nimble investors, the most likely way you’ll ever directly own the stock is to wait patiently for the IPO to complete.

In many cases, investors can get in at a price at or below the IPO price.

This is not always true. The Beyond Meat IPO, for example, soared and never looked back. But Uber, which many predicted to rise steeply, actually fell on the IPO date and continued downward for months afterward. 

Your best chance to own the stock is by waiting for the IPO and making a purchase of Juul stock through an online brokerage account.

You can open the account well before the IPO, then place your first trade to learn how to buy shares of a company.

I recommend starting with a company you know well.

If you like Starbucks, for example, buy Starbucks stock first. 

Once you open an account and make a deposit, then buy your first stock, you’ll be ready for when Juul stock goes public.

A market order is the easiest method to place your first trade. You’ll buy Juul stock at the most current price.

Just enter the Juul stock symbol (not declared yet). Then determine how much money you want to spend buying the stock, then divide that amount by the current stock price. That will tell you how many shares to put in your order.

If you prefer, you can select a price and choose a limit order to buy the stock when the stock price hits the limit price.

Once the order executes, you’ll see the shares in your account, and your funds will decrease by the number of shares times the stock price, minus a small trading fee.

So what is the best online brokerage for buying Juul stock?

As an individual investor, you’ll want to open an account with a low-cost broker.

That way, you’ll invest most of your money instead of waste it on fees.

I’ll go over one of my favorites below. It has very reasonable fees will make it easy to buy Juul stock once it’s trading on open markets.

What is the Best Online Broker to Buy Juul Stock?

I’m a big fan of the online brokerage M1 Finance. M1 Finance is a reliable and robust, no-fee online broker for beginner to advanced investors.

It’s easy to get started. As your investing skills and portfolio mature, M1 is one of the best platforms to scale.

Investing in stocks is 100% free on the platform. They also offer an integrated checking accounting and low interest rate borrowing rates. Read my complete M1 Finance review here. 

The platform is more intuitive than old school brokers because it’s build on a modern technology platform. You create portfolio “pies” that contains all the stocks and ETFs you want to own and in what percentages.

Juul CEO to non-smokers: "Don't vape. Don't use Juul."

Simply add Juul stock to your portfolio pie once the stock is trading. Or add Altria stock (MO) to get exposure today.

Learn More about M1 Finance


Marijuana is the 'single largest thing that CPG has seen in the last 100 years'

Buy Juul Stock in the Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Ambitious investors can position themselves to invest in the Juul IPO. In the past, IPO investing has been challenging for regular investors to gain access. However, the marketplace is changing.

IPOs have always been available to the wealthiest customers of the leading brokerage firms. That’s great if you’re wealthy. Certain online brokers are better for IPO investing than others.

Financial technology is changing the way ordinary investors can invest in IPO.

You can now invest in IPOs.

One of the top brokers for accessing IPOs is TradeStation.

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It’s one of the only brokers to offer IPO access or ordinary investors for as little as $500.

TradeStation has partnered with the IPO investing app ClickIPO to give its customers seamless access for IPOs and follow-on offerings.

ClickIPO is a smartphone app that is available now from the Apple store.

The company empowers ordinary investors to invest in IPOs and secondary offerings through their existing brokerage account.

This promising new app is available to all U.S. based investors today for research and reserving IPO shares. Link your existing online brokerage at TradeStation to get started immediately.

A second broker called Webull has partnered with ClickIPO to bring direct IPO access through its investing app.

Webull is a smartphone-only broker similar to Robinhood. 

But unlike Robinhood, offers free access to IPOs. 

You can start buying IPOs once you deposit your first $100 to Webull. 

***Special offer until February 3rd 2020*** If you open an account with Webull and deposit $100, you’ll earn a free stock valued up to $500.

Learn more here.

Read my initial review of ClickIPO here and download the app for free. Start building your investor score as early as possible to better your chances of getting access.

For a complete list of IPO-friendly online brokers and their eligibility, check out this page

Click here to download the free 15-page eBook, How to Invest in IPOs – A Fundamental Guide for Ordinary Investors.


Juul labs ipo date

Buy Juul Stock in Pre-IPO Secondary Marketplaces

Founders, early employees, and investors often find themselves in a difficult predicament. They own valuable shares of a company that doesn’t trade publicly.

These shareholders might have multi-million dollar net worth’s because of their stock holdings, but the stock is not liquid because it doesn’t trade on an exchange.

Two platforms have evolved to gives these individuals a way to liquidate their holding before the IPO.

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The two sites are EquityZen and Sharespost.

Both sites bring liquidity to an otherwise illiquid asset. Accredited investors may join these sites and attempt to buy shares of these companies when they become available.

The shares are only offered to accredited investors (net worth > $1 million, or income >$200,000) because the company’s financials are not publicly filed with regulators yet, increasing the risk to investors.

For high-profile companies, demand is high, lowering your chances of acquiring shares, and if you’re accredited.


For ordinary investors, it will be difficult to acquire pre-IPO Juul shares.

If you’re determined, follow the pre-IPO marketplaces and pay attention to any offerings. You must be accredited to invest this way.

Otherwise, you’ll need to either buy Altria stock or wait for the IPO date to buy shares.

But that’s not necessarily a reason to be disappointed.

Google’s shares rose 18% the day of its IPO. Many people probably sold that day. Had they held for the next decade, their holdings would have been up 1,000%.

When the Juul IPO is near, please perform due diligence on the SEC S-1 filing and don’t buy Juul stock with money you can’t afford to lose.

Disclosure: The author is long MO and PM

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E-cigarette maker Juul is raising $150 million after spinning out of vaping company

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