Made A Shitload Of Money On Ipo

Made a shitload of money on ipo

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RE: Match Group IPO - might be a good investment

(07-01-2015 12:12 PM)HighSpeed_LowDrag Wrote:  I wouldn't bet on it. Most of their business is based on the success of Tinder.

One outside app developer writing a Tinder-killer and the company would go south really quickly.

Perhaps, but there's no getting around the numbers.

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Match Group is part of Interactive Corp (IAC), which owns a boat load of other online companies. The dating sites are by far experiencing the most growth.

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There are challenges, but I suspect the SJW/Cougar/Millenial girls pissing away their 20s will need to go somewhere. Though Apple has 500 dating apps in the app store, none of them have the financial backing of Match.

Quote:IAC Plans IPO of Match Dating Business

Barry Diller is going public with his love for dating websites.

The media tycoon's IAC/InterActiveCorp on Thursday followed through on a long-expected plan to pursue an initial public offering of Match Group, a division that houses the dating sites and apps, Tinder and OkCupid.

IAC also named Joey Levin, who oversaw the conglomerate's search business, as its first chief executive since 2013, and said finance chief Jeff Kip is resigning.

The IPO plan, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter, comes as the market for dating sites in the U.S.

2) Joining a Pump & Dump Group

is booming.(Yep. Along with the number of full time sluts.

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The services are expected to rake in $1.17 billion in revenue this year, while dating apps are expected to pull in $ 628.8 million, both up nearly 10% from 2014, according to the research company IBISWorld. Match Group has about a 22% share of that market.

Mr. Diller, IAC's chairman, isn't breaking up with Match Group entirely. The company is planning to sell a stake of less than 20% in the division, which includes fitness and educational businesses such as the Princeton Review.

Wall Street had been expecting a sale of some kind ever since IAC in late 2013 put its dating properties in one unit under Sam Yagan, co-founder of OkCupid.

He will remain chief executive of the group after the IPO.

Investors cheered the move, sending IAC's shares up $3.93, or 5.1%, to $81.19 in 4 p.m.

trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

In announcing the IPO plans, Mr. Diller continues a longtime strategy of compiling a hodgepodge of online businesses before setting some loose.

Other companies that grew up under IAC's roof before going solo include Expedia Inc., Live Nation Entertainment Inc., LendingTree Inc.

Made a shitload of money on ipo

and HSN Inc.

Mr. Diller said in a statement that he's "not a believer in simply agglomerating assets in perpetuity." Growing and maturing businesses deserve to have "independence from a mother church," he said.

IAC declined to comment on its IPO plans beyond its news release.

Match Group is IAC's strongest growth engine, bringing in 29% of overall revenue in 2014.

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In the most recent quarter, the unit's revenue was up 13% from a year earlier to $239.2 million—nearly a third of IAC's top line. Profit in the segment fell 36% but paid subscribers to its dating sites grew 16%.

Selling a chunk to the public disentangles Match Group from IAC's slower-growing businesses, like search and applications, media and e-commerce.

IAC is still home to a sprawling roster of well-known sites such as the Daily Beast, Investopedia, CollegeHumor and Vimeo.

Revenue for the search group, which includes the site purchased from the New York Times in 2012, fell 3.8% in the first quarter from a year earlier.

IAC's valuation has been held back by the search business, said Chris Merwin, a senior U.S.

Internet analyst at Barclays PLC.

Made a shitload of money on ipo

"Now that there will be a true value for the Match Group in the marketplace, we think IAC will be able to unlock tremendous value," he said.

But the industry isn't without its challenges.

While the stigma associated with dating apps is fading, people generally don't push their friends to join as they might with other hot sites and apps. (I beg to differ - carousel riders everywhere found out about Tinder someplace; to say nothing of all the amateur prostitutes on Seeking Arrangement and married hos on Ashley Madison)

It's also hard for dating properties to build up a consistently happy customer base—the satisfied customers leave.

(and then they come back - after the pump & dump or divorce)

There is greater competition, too, for users' clicks and swipes. Apple Inc.'s App Store, for example, has more than 500 dating apps, and an increasing array of businesses are catering to niche customers, such as the League for higher- end clients and Ashley Madison for people seeking extramarital affairs.

Meanwhile, the IPO plan arrives amid pervasive talk of an investment bubble in Silicon Valley.


Made a shitload of money on ipo

Merwin, though, said the timing could have more to do with the fact that Tinder's efforts to make money are paying off. Before March, analysts were worried that the popular free dating app was cannibalizing revenue at IAC's paid dating sites like

For all the buzz around dating sites, there hasn't yet been a significant win for venture investors in terms of an IPO, said Mark Brooks, chief executive of Courtland Brooks, an adviser to dating companies.

Made a shitload of money on ipo

That's been a challenge for entrepreneurs.

"We need a success story, and I think the Match Group could be a success story," he said. If the IPO doesn't go over well with investors, "we can kiss the opportunity of future funding goodbye."

IAC on Thursday also announced a restructuring of its management.

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Mr. Levin, 35 years old, will be the first CEO of IAC since the last chief, Greg Blatt, was made chairman of Match Group in December 2013, when the division was created. At the time, IAC reorganized around having CEOs for each of its units rather than one overseeing all units.

Since 2012, Mr.

Made a shitload of money on ipo

Levin had been the head of IAC's search unit—the company's largest, bringing in just over 50% of all of IAC's revenÓ ue last year. He has worked for IAC in a variety of roles dating back to 2003.

Need to keep an eye on this one....

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