Nasdaq Ipo Listing Process

Nasdaq ipo listing process

Listing Process

All listings on Nasdaq Dubai benefit from a streamlined and efficient listing process.

Initial public offering (IPO)

A two-stage procedure applies to a company that wishes to IPO.

NASDAQ Listing Requirements

As well as obtaining admission of its securities to the DFSA’s Official List, the company must also ensure that its securities are accepted for Admission to Trading by Nasdaq Dubai under the exchange’s Admission and Disclosure Standards (ADS).

The company’s shares can then list and start to trade on the exchange.

Admission Fees

For IPOs, the application fee is $5,000 and the admission fee ranges from $75,000 upwards, depending on how many shares are admitted.

The annual fees ranges from $20,000 upwards.

For Sukuk and conventional bonds there is no application fee.

Nasdaq ipo listing process

The admission fee, whether for a single issue or a programme, is $4,500. The annual fee is $2,500 for a single issue and $2,000 for each issue made under a programme.

For further details of Nasdaq Dubai fees see Nasdaq Dubai Fees and for listing fees payable to the DFSA see

Nasdaq ipo listing process