Proximus Routeur Ipoe Adress

Proximus routeur ipoe adress

Port opening or forwarding (NAT) is sometimes requested by certain software and peripherals such as video games consoles (Nintendo Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, etc.), home automation equipment, etc.

The following tips are general tips.

Proximus routeur ipoe adress

Port opening requires that the software or peripheral requesting the port opening, communicates the port numbers it would like to have opened.

NB: Port opening makes your network vulnerable to external traffic.

Proximus is not responsible for the results caused by opening and forwarding ports.

Our technical service does not provide any support for this matter.

  1. Log in to your modem via the address
  2. Identify yourself on the modem with the serial number (located on the rear of the modem)
  3. Click the Advanced Settings option
  4. Select the LAN servers option
  5. Click New Entry
  6. Select the configuration options :
    • Server name: name for the port forwarding
    • Access activated: Yes
    • Public Start Port: fill in the desired port
    • Public End Port: fill in the desired port
    • Protocol: TCP
    • LAN start port: fill in the desired port
    • Local IP Address: enter the IP address of the peripheral that requires the port forwarding
  7. Click Apply to save the settings

Beginners Guide to Port Forwarding