Qsr Australia Ipo Pitchbook

Qsr australia ipo pitchbook

Find out who made the cut this year.

QSR Media presents the TOP 50 QSRs for the year 2015, a one-of-a-kind list highlighting the progress of Australia's quick service and fast casual restaurants and ranking them based on nationwide store network.

2015 has been a great year for a number of QSRs across the country, and most in the industry remain optimistic about the future.

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This year saw a number of product and even technological innovations from different players in the industry, further tightening the competition between brands. Growth and expansion has also been one of the top priorities of QSRs this year.

While we realize that store network size is only one measure of success, we believe it is an important one.

Qsr australia ipo pitchbook

QSR Media decided to highlight the progress of different QSRs in Australia into a ranking based on the number of outlets they have that are currently operational. Our list was made from data provided by these brands all across the country (and brand websites), with a total of 50 brands making the cut.

The list ranges from fast food and fast casual restaurants to more traditional quick service outlets, and each of the food chains were categorized by type of food served. For the development of this list, QSR Media uses a broad concept of store network.

Qsr australia ipo pitchbook

Our lists includes a variety of concepts that include traditional store formats, express formats, mobile vans and bolt-on concepts, from chicken shops, to bakeries, to ice creameries.

Currently, the list boasts three burger chains, eight chicken shops, and 14 coffee shops and cafes.

There are also 11 bakeries, five pizza bars, four Asian restaurants, five Mexican food chains, and three brands serving Middle Eastern food.

QSR Media is the only firm to produce the list in this format and is a benchmark for the industry, however, there may be variation with the data presented, from the time the data was provided by the brands to the time the list was published. 


Subway continues to comfortably sit atop our list by a large margin from runners up McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), strong contenders who have held their place for the third year in a row.

Subway further grew its number of outlets to 1,468 operational stores in 2015.

We also saw the success of McDonald's innovative Create Your Taste in the country to make its food offering more customizable and more accessible to growing consumer trends.

Qsr australia ipo pitchbook

McDonald’s numbers at 943 locations. KFC sits at third on our list with 624 locations.

Several brands throughout the country have aggressively expanded their locations and growing their store network in 2015. Pizza Hut edged out Michel’s Patisserie to join the Top 10 brands. Zambrero, among others, soared several places up the list from last year.

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Noodle Box, which had just acquired the Wok in a Box business, rose up to become one of the chains with more than 100 operational locations.

A total of 50 quick service and fast casual restaurants were tallied, showcasing a range of Asian, and Middle Eastern restaurants, Burger chains and Bakeries, among many others which can be seen on the complete TOP 50 list.

The listing was done by brand, presenting the total number of stores throughout Australia.

This list is bought to you by NCR. NCR runs the everyday technology transactions that help quick service and fast casual restaurants operate efficiently, manage a secure and profitable business and engage consumers.

Qsr australia ipo pitchbook