Tcns Clothing Ipo Date

Tcns clothing ipo date

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TCNS Clothing Co. Limited was incorporated as ‘TCNS Clothing Co.

TCNS Clothing IPO Opens Today: Here’s All You Need To Know

Private Limited’ under Companies Act 1956, in the year 1997, at New Delhi. It is India’s leading women’s branded apparel company which has diversified exclusive brand outlet under its hats. Its product portfolio comprises top-wear, bottom-wear, drapes, combination-sets and accessories namely.

Date of Establishment: TCNS Clothing Co.

Tcns clothing ipo date

Limited was established as a private limited company ‘TCNS Clothing Co. Private Limited’ at New Delhi on 3rd of December 1997 through a certificate of incorporation granted by the Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana under Companies Act 1956.

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The company was converted as a public limited company ‘TCNS Clothing Co. Limited’ under Companies Act 1956 by Registrar of Companies on 19th of January 2018 with the special resolution passed by its shareholders.

Promoters of TCNS Clothing Co.

TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd.

Limited: Mr Onkar Singh Pasricha and Mr Arvinder Singh Pasricha are the promoters of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited.

Products and Services Offering: Basically TCNS Clothing Co.

Tcns clothing ipo date

Limited carters wide variety of the wardrobe requirement of an Indian woman under its brand which includes ‘W’, ‘Aurelia’ and ‘Wishful’ which provides everyday wear, casual wear, work wear and occasional wear among others.

Its product portfolio fulfils the demand of the consumer via its portfolio, that includes top-wear, bottom-wear, combination-sets and accessories among several other categories.

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As it carters apparel requirements of modern Indian women.

Consumer Segment: TCNS Clothing Co. Limited has a retail diversified consumer segment, which is spread across 418 exclusive brand outlets, 1305 large format stores, outlets and 1361 multi-brand outlets which are spread across India.

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Apart from that Company is also spreading its global existence by developing exclusive brand outlets that are currently located in Nepal, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. This company is also actively present in e-commerce trading through its own website and via online retailers.

Objects of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited IPO: The objectives of TCNS Clothing Co.

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Limited IPO are:

- Offer for Sale upto 15,714,038 Equity Shares by its existing Shareholders.

- To achieve the benefits of listing the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges.

- Listing of the Equity Shares will enhance its visibility and brand image.

Note: The Company will not receive any proceeds from the offer for sale

           all the proceeds will go to the existing selling shareholders.

Company Financials:


For the year/period ended (in Rs.

Tcns clothing ipo date




31-Mar-16 (Proforma)

Total Assets




Total Revenue




Profit After Tax