Uva Darden Jetblue Ipo Case Answers

Uva darden jetblue ipo case answers

Uva darden jetblue ipo case answers


This case examines the April 2002 decision of JetBlue management to price the initial public offering of JetBlue stock during one of the worst periods in airline history. The case outlines JetBlue's innovative strategy and the associated strong financial performance over its initial two years.

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Students can value the stock and take a position on whether the current USD22 to USD24 per share filing range is appropriate. The case is designed to showcase corporate valuation using discounted cash flow and peer-company market multiples.

Uva darden jetblue ipo case answers

A short video clip is available to registered faculty.


Corporate valuation; IPO underpricing; Finance; Corporate finance; Discounted cash flow