Western Marine Shipyard Limited Ipo Result

Western marine shipyard limited ipo result

Western marine shipyard limited ipo result

Company Overview

We build vessels for a variety of needs and purposes, for clients around the globe.

Western Marine Shipyard Ltd., Bangladesh’s leading shipbuilder, was established in the year 2000 in Chattogram. Today, Western Marine Shipyard stands over 42 acres of land, modernized into a world-class shipyard consisting of all sort of hi-tech and heavy tech machinery, with the use of over 3500 people, including over 500 marine and technical experts, the Western Marine serves clients from around the world.

Western Marine Shipyard, Chittagong Visit of Senior Vice President of World Bank

With an extensive focus on quality and expertise, Western Marine Shipyard has exported vessels to countries such as Germany, Norway, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Kenya, amongst domestic clients as well.

In addition, Western Marine performs a variety of ship-repair work.

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