What Is An Ipo Investor

What is an ipo investor

What is an ipo investor

As a private company approaches and consummates an IPO, it enters a new corporate universe encompassing disclosure and governance, as well as fiduciary duties and economic incentives to properly communicate the Company's messages to relevant investment community audiences.

Effective investor relations can build confidence in an organization, increase its base of long-term investors, and reduce its overall cost of capital.

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We work with companies leading up to and throughout the IPO process, as well as post-IPO on an ongoing basis. This includes strategic advisory, investment positioning, roadshow preparation, and many other activities encompassing broad-spectrum support in the transition to a public company.


Pre-IPO Investor Relations

  • Advise on the selection of underwriters and the overall IPO process.
  • Conduct peer analysis.
  • Develop the Company's investment thesis, and build an effective, well-designed roadshow presentation to clearly portray the investment story and position within the competitive landscape.
  • Incorporate the investor messaging into a roadshow video, and manage the production of the video.
  • Prepare management for the roadshow by coaching on presentation delivery and Q&A, and providing investor and peer intelligence.
  • Work with the underwriters to ensure pursuit of the most appropriate investor targets.
  • Advise on communicating this corporate milestone to employees and customers.
  • Develop a well-organized communications infrastructure by: forming disclosure policies and procedures, establishing the framework to issue news and conduct public quarterly conference calls, identifying and training spokespeople, and creating a new or enhanced Investor website section.
  • Construct a comprehensive post-IPO investor communications and outreach plan.
  • Organize a listing ceremony at the stock exchange, and media interviews on the first day of trading.

Post-IPO Investor Relations

  • Advise on the extensive disclosure, reporting and governance requirements, as well as on handling earnings expectations.
  • Prepare for the first quarterly earnings event: determine metrics; draft the news release, script and slides; handle call and webcast logistics.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach directed at the most relevant investors and analysts.
  • Pursue and manage participation in productive investment conferences.
  • Perform ongoing market intelligence including investor feedback; refine messaging and IR plan accordingly.
  • Shepherd ongoing relationship-building with investors and analysts.
  • Develop and manage the investor communications program on an ongoing basis.

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What is an ipo investor