What Is The Difference Between Ipoe And Pppoe

What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

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The terms DHCP and PPPOE might not seem to be related to each other as the common usage of both are not the same. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and is commonly used in networks to automatically provide IP addresses to client computers so that they can communicate with other elements on the network.

PPPOE stands for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet.

What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

This is an Ethernet encapsulation of the Point to Point Protocol that is commonly used with dial-up connections. This allows the modem to be a part of the network that multiple users can utilize instead of being connected directly to the computer.

DHCP is very popular as a great majority of networks use it to provide seamless connections to computers that are moved very often.

What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

But what some people do not know is that DHCP is already being used in connecting to an ISP. A lot of ISPs are slowly beginning to use DHCP instead of PPPOE because it offers a major advantage. Unlike PPPOE, which needs to be configured correctly before a user can actually connect to the internet, modems that use DHCP does not need to be configured and is basically plug and play.

When using PPPOE, your ISP would provide you with a username and a password that you need in order to dial-up to your ISP and establish a connection.

In the past, this is done just like a traditional dial-up connection; with a dialer on your desktop.

Introduction to PPPoE and Configuring PPPoE

More recent modems now incorporate the PPPOE dialer into them. You can simply set your username and password once and your modem automatically connects to the internet whenever you turn it on.

What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

Problems can occur when you lose or forget your username and password and the only possible solution would be to call up your ISP and ask for it again.

Using DHCP to connect to an ISP eliminates the problems that are associated with PPPOE. Just like with computers on a network, you do not need to configure your computer beforehand.

You simply leave everything on automatic and leave the configuration to the ISP servers.


What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

DHCP is a protocol for obtaining IP addresses while PPPOE is a common method of connecting to an ISP
2. DHCP is very popular and is widely used while PPPOE is slowly falling out of favor

What is the difference between ipoe and pppoe

You would need to have a username and password with PPPOE while the configuration of DHCP is automatic

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