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Www ipo tools com


IPA Grease Fitting Cleaner, Model# 7862H


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{"catalogEntry": { "catalogEntryIdentifier": { "uniqueID": "200430913", "externalIdentifier": { "partNumber": "403100" } }, "description": [{ "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/403/403100_114x114.jpg", "shortDescription": "IPA Grease Fitting Cleaner, Model# 7862H", "longDescription": "The IPA grease fitting cleaner opens clogged grease fittings and loosens hardened grease joints.

Www ipo tools com

Excellent for maintaining and protecting bearings, control arms, joints, king pins, etc. Flexible hose attachment reaches fittings in difficult areas. This steel tool is designed to be tapped with a hammer to force a light viscosity oil through the tool into the grease joint, breaking up and removing dirt and debris." }], "offerPrice": "Only$42.99", "wasPrice": "", "salePrice": "", "hotlineWasPrice": "Reg. $42.99", "hotlinePrice" : "Advantage $29.99", "hotlineSavings": "Save $13.00 + Free Shipping", "productRating": "4.5", "productNumRatings": "67", "shippingStatus": "In Stock" }, "catalogEntryURL": "https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200430913_200430913" }

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