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Other systems and Publishers you'll find interesting
4HrSundayWeekly - Once a week trade based on the opening 4 hours
BacktestTrader - VisualBasic app to let you open and close trades with the back tester
BollTrade - Bollinger Band trades
Correlation - Neural correlation trade system
Divergence - Divergence trading discussion, tutorials and code
DLL file io - Read and write files outside the MT folder
Felix Irniger - Felix Irniger's system
Gmail DLL - Send email alerts thru Gmail
Jakes 1000 Dollar EA - Keltner, Wattah and God's Gift
PerkyScalp - Perky's scalper
Peter Henry - Percent Bollinger and JMA
PlumCrazy - PlumCrazy, Spikes Martingale from Hell, Stoch Scalper and more
Stub code - Helpful code that allows you to add procedures easily
SuperRSI and RSI R2 - EA based on a 2-period RSI
Swiss Ephemeries - Astro trading ideas
TradeDuplicatorBeta - Trade copier from
Windows programs - Windows-based trading tools
SuperRSI and RSI R2 - EA based on a 2-period RSI

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