Forex Trading Gone Wrong

Forex trading gone wrong

10 times FOREX MARKET killing TRADERS 😞😞😞😞

Think about it like this:

Assume 1,500 people go to a casino to play roulette. They all put their money on a single number, with 1/38 odds.

Forex trading gone wrong

On average, 39 of those people will win, giving them a payout of 36x. Then, all of those people put their money down again.

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On average, about 1 of those people will win again, giving them a new payout of 36x [for a total payout of 1,296x their initial investment].

Which of those people is most likely to post about their gambling results? The person who won.

Forex trading gone wrong

This is called 'survivorship bias'. It means that we are more likely to hear from people who 'survived', even though most people who played actually lost.

So in this case, you might be considered a 'survivor' of 2 months of fx trading.

Forex trading gone wrong

You seem to be invincible, and can never lose - what were all those people warning you about?! Well really, you have just defied the odds. Don't let your success blind you to the risk that was taken in that success.

Forex trading gone wrong

answered Aug 21 '17 at 13:46