Meilleure Application Trading Crypto

Meilleure application trading crypto

Meilleure application trading crypto

Here is our history in brief from 2003 till now ...

  • Welcome
    To all our new clients

    Welcome To our veterans - thank you for your vote of confidence throughout the journey.

    We value each and every one of our clients and seek to sustain profitable as well as mutually beneficial partnerships for many more years to come.

    The world’s ONLY enterprise blockchain solution for trading and mining

    Best crypto trading and mining platform

    Without a doubt, TradeNix is a one-of-a-kind platform in terms of diversification alternatives for clients seeking a unique user experience and a hands-on approach into the investment world.

    We pride ourselves on our capabilities as well as our innovations that have taken the financial sector by storm for over 14 years now.

    We continue to strive for perfection in an imperfect marketplace for our clients to whom we cater to on multiple fronts in our devoted path to accomplishment of tailor-fitted goals.

    There is no place more excellent and reliable to begin or advance your investment future.

    Allow our exceptional teams to assist you in realizing your financial freedom.

  • 2019
    Having grown in size and in capital

    TRADENIX is marking over 14 years of progress in the financial fields.Having expanded around the world with branches in 5 different countries, TradeNIx is now one of the biggest investment firms in the world.

    The experience and reputation TradeNix has attained over these years is insurmountable.

    Always open to the new and the next trend, TradeNix continuously optimizes the systems embedded and integrates new, more sophisticated technology to maintain continued growth for the company and clients alike in the pursuit of furthering investment prosperity.

  • 2014
    Highest gains

    Simply put, TradeNix surpassed all projected expectations in regards to the Crypto Assimilation Project and reaped the largest marketed profit margin to date at the time

    At this point TradeNix decided to allow Private Sector Clients to partake in the investment opportunity which had until this point been reserved for Corporate status clients only.

    Having opened the doors to the general public, TradeNix has enabled Private Sector Clients to achieve far greater results in their investment portfolios while limiting the risks involved dramatically. The ideology behind this monumental decision was simple : The company can assist clients of all sectors in their defining investments, all the while lowering their risks significantly, and ultimately, this will only contribute to the greater design for certain Corporate strategies embedded to further results even further.

    Meilleure application trading crypto

    This is what the company considers a win/win situation.

  • 2010
    Mining Accounts

    Working closely attuned to market trends, Crypto Currency had caught the keen eye of TradeNix Executives

    Surely, the development department was given additional tedious work to incorporate the new Blockchain Technology and find the correct methodology to achieve profit realization Additionally, Mining Accounts were introduced into the company to allow investors the opportunity to work closely with a Mining Account Manager to gain an additional revenue stream all the while substantiating Crypto Currencies as the next market trend.

  • 2007
    A unique trading strategy

    The new technology, having been introduced to the capital markets, spurred many waves of innovation.

    Companies that were willing to adjust and invest in creating similar technology stood the test of time.

    Others did not.

    TradeNix was one of the earliest to adapt to the new curve in investment trading, as well as continued innovation.

    Incorporating clients of the highest caliber, TradeNix began operations with Corporate Sector clientele in order to capitalize on market trends while assimilating the technology we now know as HFT (High Frequency Trading) in addition to Arbitrage Trading.

    These were the early days of such mechanization in the markets and much was achieved in regards to performance as well as in revenue attainment.

  • 2005
    A new trading algorithm

    TradeNix obtained this unique technology through a buy-out of the start-up company and retained all patents on the software as well as all proprietary implementations and exclusivity of the algorithms in use.

    This enabled TradeNix to consolidate an investment approach that had yet to be seen elsewhere.

    Using high end computing systems, fiber optic connectivity, and the cutting edge technology acquired, TradeNix was set to pave the way into the new millennium for investment trading.

  • 2003

    In early 2003, a small start-up of individual entrepreneurs collaborated and began a process to obtain massive growth using high end technology on the exchange markets.

    It took off like wildfire and became well known throughout the financial sector that the technology in place would forever change the marketplace as well as everything associated with investment trading.

    The small start-up was to be bought out by TradeNix at a later date and the technological approach associated is the backbone of how we operate today.

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