What Is Ipo And How To Invest

What is ipo and how to invest

What is ipo and how to invest

Find an IPO - Research - Invest

Get access to IPO and Secondary Offerings, commission free. ClickIPO allows everyday individual investors to discover, follow, share and even participate in public offerings using a supported brokerage account.

ClickIPO makes it easy to follow and share what’s happening with the hundreds of public offerings every year.

- Easily browse current and upcoming IPO and Secondary offerings
- Real-time alerts on new offerings, including overnight offerings
- Read the prospectus for more info

- Quickly follow offerings to stay up-to-date on price changes, key dates and more
- Create your own personal watchlist

- Easily share offerings with friends across social media
- StockTwits user?

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ClickIPO integrates with StockTwits, making it easy to share and discuss on your favorite channels

- Join thousands of investors on ClickIPO by connecting with a supported brokerage account and begin participating in available offerings*
- Want more allocation? Build your ClickIPO Investor Score (™).

What is ipo and how to invest

About ClickIPO Investor Score(™)

Build up your Investor Score through behaviors that help the Issuer and Underwriter. Buying and holding shares for 30 days or longer, participating in multiple offerings, and more.

What is ipo and how to invest

Supported Brokerages:

No need to create a new brokerage account. Just connect ClickIPO to your existing brokerage account to place commission-free orders for offerings.

What is ipo and how to invest

We're adding newly supported brokerages all the time. If your brokerage does not yet support ClickIPO, just let us know through the app.

What is ipo and how to invest

We will contact you once your brokerage is supported, or you can always use another supported brokerage firm.

* Allocation is not guaranteed.

- Authenticate quickly with Touch ID
- Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted using SSL
- Allocations are deposited into your brokerage account